Message from the Development team

We have important news that we want to share with the community about OrbusVR. Jake, our Lead Programmer of over 4 years, will be leaving at the end of this month to move on to new challenges elsewhere. Jake has been a tireless advocate for the game and our community, and OrbusVR would not be what it is today without his talent and skill. Although he’ll no longer be working with us full-time, we wish him well in his future endeavors and we’re excited to see what he does next. We’d welcome you to join us in leaving Jake your well wishes as he starts his next adventure.

At this point in the game’s lifecycle, we will be proceeding with a smaller team of part-time contributors focused on maintenance and continuing customer support. We have greatly enjoyed bringing you the first VRMMO over the last five years; at the same time, we need to be realistic about the game’s current level of sales and usage, and it would not be sustainable to have a multiple-member full-time staff working on the game going forward. Our number one goal is to keep the servers online and keep you playing for as long as possible, and by keeping our burn rate low, we can do that for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for playing with us, and we look forward to new adventures with all of you in the future.


Hey everyone,
I do have a few things to mention and although this is sad news, I am very happy and proud of the game we have created together. It’s crazy to think I’ve been with this game for four years! I have learned and grown so much as a developer and I’m so grateful to this team and this community for making this an overall positive experience.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the players that have shown me kindness and enthusiasm for the work we put into this game. As someone who struggles with social interactions I can honestly say the connections I have made with this community has been really great for me both professionally and personally. Please don’t let this news discourage you.
I do plan on playing this game casually so if you see me around feel free to say hello.

I do plan on continuing my career in game development so who knows, you might end up playing something I work on in the future.

Thank you all for your support. :heart:


I really do hope to see you around in Orbus still! I’m really thankful for all that you’ve done. I struggle with social interactions as well, and especially after COVID I became quite isolated and lonely. Orbus has helped me come out of my shell quite a lot and I’m happy to say that it’s gotten me through really tough times and has made a positive, permanent impact on my life.

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to say thank you earlier in VR-person today! I got a little flustered over the big dragons :sweat_smile:

Game development (especially the programming/game engine aspect) is something that I’ve always been somewhat interested in as a hobby and I’m really happy to see others succeed with a career in it where I never began. I’m excited to see where you’ll go next! Thank you for all that you’ve done, Jakeee :blue_heart: I hope to see you around!


Today I saw Jakeee quickly before I had to log out again and I remember I said “good to see you around” before heading away. Social interaction is not my best talent as well lol anyway, if I knew what was coming up next, I’d try to stick around for longer.
Next month I’m completing one year in Orbus. And it feels like so much more! You know why? Because it has been an intense experience. Orbus makes me feel like no other game does. So, thank you so so so much for all you’ve done for this game. It means a lot to me. And yeah, I definitely hope I can see you around again!


I never really got a chance to meet with my unusual playtimes, but you did an amazing job with this community. I hope you will continue to assist in creating amazing communities wherever you go. It would be great to see you around.


Oh, this one hurts. This one hurts bad.


Thanks Devs for all the hard work. Whilst i no longer actively play, ive met so many good friends and played so many hours of this game, it will forever be in my heart.

Best of luck in the future.

Thank you


Thank you for your work on the game @Jake_E , and especially for being there in-game! I really enjoyed the small hide-and-seek game you hosted last fall, these little things made the dev team look so much more approachable.


I have been playing for a while and I still enjoy helping out new users with the first few quests, showing them how to fish, how to critter capture and sometimes even handing them a dragon. I am sad to see any of the devs leave but I am glad the future for them is bright.


Hey Jakee- Thank you for everything you did to make this game. This was the first mmorpg I ever played and it opened up a whole new world of gaming and community for me. I hope whatever you build next gets the proper amount of support that matches your amazing skills and talent. Thank you for Orbus, from the bottom of my heart. -Twinkledot


I know it.

Literally felt so down about it that I had to get off Orbus since I was already on when I overheard the news from some players.

Jakee has contributed so much in my time of playing Orbus and I will never forget what he’s done for both game and community. He’s been here a little longer than I have playing this game. And he’s been the most active and positive dev around. I hope that these years that he has contributed to the game he can look back on as fondly as I can look back on my time spent playing Orbus.

I feel like saying thank you to him would be an understatement of my gratitude.

But, Thank You. Jakee.


Even though I might not play as much anymore, it was fun while it lasted. This was the first game I really played for as long as I have and keep coming back to. No game will ever hold a more special place in my heart due to the people I’ve met and things I have experienced, nothing has ever captured the charm of Orbus for me and might never again do so.

I wish Jakee well in his future endeavors and hope he makes whatever community he helps to create the best it can be as he has done here.


When I first got the Quest 1 I installed an updated version of a game I liked from the Go. I also liked ‘The Well’ on the Go so I looked into similar style games on the Quest, I found reviews and videos about OrbusVR. After some considering I bought it at full price of $40. I was a little worried about the price but the community and the amount of game play made it more than worth it. So I had no issues buying the DLC also the beta update to take advantage of the Quest 2 to show mounts, mouth animations and tools was existing to me. I have only talked to Jakee a few times but he was always approachable and had time for players.


Jakeer my favorite dev nooo, you will be missed


I started playing Orbus in 2018. Orbus is the only game I play. I never played computer or VR games before Orbus and I haven’t played anything since. I love this game and the people I have met in it. It makes me incredibly sad to read this news, however I wish you all the best Jake. Thank you for this game I have spent so much time playing and enjoying.


@Jake_E you should join us for our world boss event on Saturday so everyone can say bye in game. Saturday, 1pm eastern, hidden garden.


Since Preborn, this has consistantly been one of my favorite games to play. I’ve met a ton of friends during my years, and your contributions to make this game possible have been incredibly important to all of us. Although we won’t be able to get new content, even just having the servers online for as long as possible so that we can continue to play with the people we’ve met through these years is more than we can ask for.

Thank you so much for your work for the years.


@Jake_E thanks for all your hard work. It was fun.


Orbus was one of my main games for a while and I really enjoyed it, even if I was never any good lol.I just wish this game could’ve gotten to more people. I met so many cool people, and I just wanted to thank you for everything. For the countless hours of fun, for the opportunity to meet so many new people, and of course the endless “features” lol. Thank you


I appreciate all the kind messages, this is truly the best community! Signing out now. Thank you all for the last four years! :blue_heart:

See ya!