Microphone bug (extra letters)

i cannot talk in orbusvr reborn
username is: NatsukiMmm
my friend also has gotten this glitch
edit: quest for clarity

Hi, which headset are you using? And are you always getting this issue, or is voice chat usually working but sometimes cuts out?

I might know something about this… have you played big screen beta recently? They have there own little microphone system that tends to get stuck as the default in both steam and oculus.
SteamVR - settings - audio - output source and select the correct one should fix it.


quest sometimes it cuts out. but for this me and others have relogged not being able to hear me

nope i have not

Do you mean relogged by logging out and going to the character menu and coming back, or restarting the game entirely after quitting? Some of the audio issues require a full restart sometimes and we still hope to improve on this in the future.

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not a full restart but i have restarted my console and still cant be heard

same here. i use push to talk and people cant hear me

also I’m on quest

Possibly related

update: microphone has fixed ty for the efforts to help

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Posting a quick coment on how you solved it can help others with simular problems


Same here I have to restart orbus at least 10 times an hour due to sound problems

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Which headset?

I am on the quest

This is a really common issue no matter what headset you are running; it is way better than it used to be (thank you for working so hard on it, we have noticed the improvements!:slight_smile:).

While the Devs are working on improving the voice system, we tend to instruct people to have a discord voice chat open (even if they are running a Quest) on their phone as an audio backup.

@Jayden_S2 you may want to go that route.

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i didnt do anything

it has fixed and not all people i play with have same discord servers as me

@Jayden_S2 hopefully it stays fixed for you!

If not, consider having them join you in your server or joining one and/or all of theirs.

update… it broke… again

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