Microphone problems

Hello, i’ve been having an issue with using the mic in game. I can hear those who talk, but no one can hear me. I’m using Oculus Quest linked (not using official Oculus Link cable) and playing Orbus on Steam. I’m also using a Logitech H800 headset with my quest. My mic works on games like RecRoom through the Oculus app, and games like VRChat through SteamVR. Orbus is the only game that it doesn’t work, and I have every setting set to my headphones for input and output. Even selecting my Quest as the default audio imput/output doesn’t seem to do anything. Also while Orbus is running, Windows tells me that OrbusVr is using my microphone. If anyone else is having or has had this issue and fixed it, please let me know. Thank you.

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Its orbus, the mic bugs out a lot.

Like Sparky said, Orbus has some real issues with in-game voice. A lot of people wind up using Discord for voice since it tends to be less buggy.

According to this person on the Discord, Oculus Link doesn’t work with the microphone yet? (I am 100% not familiar with the system).

You are not alone. I have these issues daily. A temporary fix for audio issues is restarting the app and or the headset.
In a 2 hour gaming session, I had to restart over 30 times because I enjoy talking to people a game.
I have one friend I play with where everyone can hear her, she can talk to everyone, except i cant hear her. Ever. So we awkwardly use the messaging system or discord.
I really hope this gets fixed because it is the most frustrating bug, worse than crashing.

I get that and a million other bugs that all get fixed by re-logging/re-launching the game.
re-logging seems part of the Orbus story and if you don’t do it, you can’t ever beat the game! :rofl:

Hi, the Oculus Link has issues with microphone in general (and from what I’ve read, it’s disabled entirely in some cases) so I would expect it to get fixed in a future patch of the software.

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If you’re looking for a temporary fix, get the Oculus Tray Tool and download it. It has an audio switcher that can be used to select different audio devices for input and output to override whatever Oculus is doing with sound over Link (they’re often turning various things on and off with small tweaks… What worked yesterday might not work today, etc… It is a beta after all…).

Personally I’ve disabled the Oculus audio devices in my Windows sound settings (input and output) and use my Astro A20 headset as input and output in the audio switcher.

Also, for good measure, you should go into your SteamVR settings and ensure that your headset mic and headphones are the selected audio devices on audio options.

After changing all the settings where you want them, do a restart.

It’s a temporary fix and Oculus home will give you a red dot notification telling you that your headset has no audio, but I’ve used this configuration and have had no issues on any games on Link since.

Thank you Javinator, I figured it out. For me, all I had to do is disable the Oculus in my sound settings. Now it works no problem.

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