Mini Games/ Fair Grounds

I have an idea for Orbus; a Fairground event that pops up once or twice a month for 3 to 7 days each time. (24/7 would be cool too but make prizes cost more)

There would be mini-games you can play as a daily quest. Once completed you can turn it in for a token/ticket/whatever for prizes such as mounts, pets, transmog sets, resources, etc.

You could come back time and time again to enjoy the activities (1 ticket per activity) and for those that like to grind things out. A hunt for rare spawns (flower/fish/mob-drop). After you collect 5+, you can turn them in for an additional ticket.

World Mobs/Flowers: There could be five or less on the map, and after one is collected/killed, it should have a 10-15 minute respawn timer.

For mob kills, instead of dropping tickets, they could drop an item that can be turned in for a ticket when you have a certain number.

Additionally, we could have a super-rare item that drops from any world-mob that can be exchanged for a single ticket. (This item would need to have a very low drop chance to prevent people from getting all the items to fast.)

Fishing: Maybe a unique fish (suggestions would be appreciated!).

Daily Orbus Fair Games:

[Mage] Mage Tournament: Same as the old one and/or make it so you can verse your friends to see who can get a higher score. The person that wins completes their quest, or they both complete it and that winner gets an extra ticket when they turn it in. (solo would be like the old Mage Tournament and versing someone would be for an extra ticket.)

[Musketeer] Shoot-Out: You have a set of orbs displayed that you need to have equipped, and there will be targets that pop up. If you shoot all the targets correctly, you complete the quest. (Maybe to earn an extra ticket, shoot additional targets for double the time).

Yellow = shoot with decurse

Red = shoot with impact

Green = shoot with a life well

Blue = shoot with renew

Purple = shoot with gravity

Crazy Maze: You spawn at the start of a [randomized] maze and must get to the finish in a certain amount of time.

Crazy Maze Bet: Same as above plus you pay 2000 dram into the pot; at the end of the Orbus Fair, the #1 ranked player gets to take the whole pot. (For this to work well, the maze-map would need to be changed every Fair.)

[Archer] Barrage: Similar to the mage tournament, two archers can vs each other for and extra ticket. At the start, a bunch of targets pop up in front of each player, the first one to knock them all down first wins. If solo, knock them all down in a certain amount of time to complete the quest.

[Scoundrel] Hot Shot: Same as “Arrow Barrage” but with a Scoundrel. (To earn an extra ticket, do it all with trick shots).

[Shaman] Dodgeball: Two Shamans faceoff and the first one to get hit five times loses. If playing solo, it would be you and an AI that you have to kill before it hits you.

[Paladin] The Floor Is Lava: With the paladin hammer, you have to hop from spot to spot without touching the red-lava-zone. If you do, you have to restart. If you make it to the other side, you complete the quest. (To earn a bonus ticket, do it within a certain amount of time.)

**[Bards] … you let me know… good luck

[Warriors] Smite: Two warriors face off on a single boss, the one to hold aggro the longest during a timed battle wins. Solo, can you go 3 min against the super-boss in which you need to survive?

I feel this game lacks small mini-games and things that keep people wanting to log in every day, this would be a great option to fix that or at least something like it.

Please post your suggestions and thoughts in the comments :kissing_heart:


For Bard you could do… Music battle? :joy: Maybe something like a Score Attack on a custom made “Bard Map” (As in, note map)? idk, I’m just spit balling ideas. But I 1000% agree with this. Since the devs love adding things instead of fixing things so much, how 'bout they add this? :smirk:

Do you pay attention to the forums? Do you not see the constant attention from the devs to common bugs and issues that they’re continuously trying to fix? That’s what the bug report tool is for. I see a lot of people complaining about bugs, but not so many people admitting that they use the system the devs gave us to help them get to the source of the problems. You’re saying it like it’s a simple switch they can throw to fix these things. It’s gonna take time for them to figure it out. Help them out by narrowing down the search by reporting bugs and finding common issues that lead to them.


ok lol no need to get all pissy

They fix bugs constantly don’t know what you are talkin bout

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Anyway this is a pretty neat idea

Please, can we keep this about the form post. I really want to know all your ideas and thoughts. :roll_eyes:

An idea that someone else came up with was a memory game for the bard. They get a pattern that they are shown and then they recreate it. I think it could be pretty cool in like a 1v1 to see who can last the longest.


Mage: can do this solo or comp, mages have to cast the spell shown without failing. Comp would be who last the longest. Solo would be to last a certain number of spells or time limit.

Warrior: like Mage only Warrior combos can solo or comp

Shaman: imagine it like throwing a baseball through a hole. Now the holes would be on targets with random patterns on them so the holes are in different locations at random. Solo could have to reach a certain score for each target could have multiple holes and you want to aim for the highest possible score for once you make it in the hole it switches targets. Comp would just be for highest score.

I think your warrior idea could be just a tank mini game so pally can join too.


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