Mini Story Pack #1 to Launch April 28

Hi everyone, today we’re announcing that the Mini Story Pack #1: Secrets of Mugwood is coming out April 28th!

Read some more about it and check out our trailer. We’re excited to see you get your hands on it and experience the new quests and features.


Yay a release date! :grin: Looking forward to it! Thanks “Dev Dudes” !


Awesome cant wait!

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Can you post the high res version of the picture on email that went out? With the spiders

This one:
Screenie 874

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Are there prerequisites to being able to enter this? Like getting to level 30, or raising Pierre’s rep rating?

Im not sure if there is any requirements, there might be a recommended level though


No prerequisites, you’ll be able to just buy the pack and get started whenever.


Thanks! Makes a nice custom background for on steam with a little cropping :grin:

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So when we buy the pack, where will the entry to this new world be?

What time will the DLC be releasing on the 28th?

Who is drawing these works of art!

I like these drawings alot

I think this will make a good wallpaper

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Reading up on past blogs about the dlc there won’t likely be an “entry”, right … you do the quest, get some kind of tool and then can shrink yourself to the miniworld at several places; more details would likely mean spoiling the quests.

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Which one of you picked your guild name “Dev Dudes” ? :joy:


Glad to see no mechanics like Golden Egg. Think I’ll pick it up. Recently started playing again after a long break and realized mechanics like Golden Egg were what made me take the extended break. This all looks super cool!


So hyped. Can’t wait

Golden egg is still luring around the corner and will appear again because they added it back on the 7th of February. But RNG has been nice to us for a long time already… xD Or they actually didn’t add it back in the end without telling.

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shh…dont tell them

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Not that’s it’s a lot of money but will it go on sale because I have to buy it for the quest and rift or will there be some kind of cross compatible because there on the same account?