Mini Story Pack Spotlight #1

Hi everyone, today we wanted to talk more about the Mini Story Pack coming in a couple months and explain how it’s going to work and what it’s about.

Check it out:


Looks great and look forward to getting back in the game and buying this when it releases.

However I do have a couple questions.

  1. Why not raise the level cap? It would add to additional gameplay time am I right?

  2. Will there be a pre-purchase available for the dlc?
    Will there be any backer option for the dlc as well for any potential extra release? Or a “deluxe” option you could say that comes with a little more rewards? Like a new pet, mount, transmog, etc? Maybe make it $15 or $20 rather than the original $10. Obviously that would be up to you guys, I’m personally just curious for if there was unique items I can get just for an extra couple bucks I’d go for it. Regardless I’m buying the dlc.

How should they without creating 2 separate games or giving pack-owners a ridiculous advantage… A ton of mechanics is based around level, char stats, mob’s strength, bosses, scaling, overworld pvp, armor and what not. A raise of levels is possible either for all or none and it would mean to adjust the whole game to it, just as it happend in Reborn (and any other mmo I know… level raise means to advance the entire game to the next phase, normally, you would never do that for an optional dlc).

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Thank you very well explained, was just curious and that makes absolute sense. However I still wouldn’t mind a pre order and a deluxe version of the dlc

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