Mini Story Pack Spotlight #2 - New Zones

Hi everyone, we posted a new spotlight on the blog about the mini story pack, this time we’re showing a first (and early) look at the zones. Check it out!


I love the shrunken aspect for I loved the minish cap Zelda game. My question is when we are Shrunk will we see the large people running around in the world and as a normal sized person can we see shrunk people running around the tiny shrunk world? I think this would be a fun aspect to this.


Now just imagine drinking a giant potion while small.

Can you go small anywhere, or only these specific locations? Because if you can go small anywhere, Orbus is officially the minish cap vr

Can we catch the fireflies moonflies? keep them as pets? train them to be warriors? drink a lantern potion and become one with the swarm?


You have me dying laughing over here.
A “moonfly” pet would be very cool.
Go miniature and ride your pets as mounts lol

I’d assume you can only go small in certain areas where these zones area.

That is if the entrances of these zones are small cracks in a tree or something. But what I imagine it would be is you’ll have to be in an area “over” these zones in order for the shrinker to work.

I.E the players haven’t been shrunk at all, the zones are scaled in size to make it look like you’ve shrunken down.

To add to my thought @Morfran, if my assumption is correct then you will not be able to see shrunken players because as soon as you active the shrinker, you’ll enter a loading screen to the new zone. That applies to “shrunken” players being able to see normal sized players, they wouldn’t be able to. But that’s not answering anything x3 I’m just assuming.

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I feel like this will be the more likely option for I feel its easier to implement. But still my question stands.

Will players be able to see shrunk players while normal size and will shrunk players be able to see giant sized people walking around them?

This is assuming your view isn’t blocked of course. I feel this doesn’t need to be stated but I will anyway.

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These emojis send a very mixed message :roll_eyes:


I like how you explained it and that would make sense however I would like to be able to see players like I’ve explained before and I think others would too.

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Oh sure, seeing someone tower over you as you walk as ants in the grasses would be cool and add to the immersion.

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I think these areas are instanced and performance would drop majorly if it’s synchronized with what is going on in the overworld… this would require a different architecture, alot (or everything) would need to be reprogrammed. So likely not going to happen.

Also keep in mind it’s a paid DLC so it adds (optional) content ONLY for those buying it, not for just everyone, hence the instances, these players are playing in separate, disconnected areas for a reason…

Other than that, preview looks cool, can’t wait to get the DLC :slight_smile:

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