Mini Story Pack Spotlight #4 - New Enemies, Armor and Weapons

Hi everyone, today we’re showing off and talking about some of the new enemies you’ll encounter, and some of the new armor and weapon sets you’ll find in the Mini zones.

Check it out!


Will any of the new mobs be level 30+ Red star mobs that we can use for the grinder? I’m really sick of grinding scavs for that last level


Ooooh new pet looks good! Enemies look great! New armour and weapons I am not a fan of personally, but glad for new content either way.


Will the spit leaf become a pet because it would make for a nice one.

Also the weapons and armor could be better. They look like clones of one another and considering cosmetics are 50% the reason I’d buy this dlc it just lacks on that side.

Warrior sword - could be a thorny vine like from a rose. Or even a key sword

Paladin hammer- a diamond on a pice of scavenged metal like a paper clip

Ranger bow - safety pin with thread

Shaman mask - ant or wasp head mask

Scoundrel gun - tin can body style

Mage wand - a thumbtack

Musky gun - a broken toys arm

Bard - don’t play it or even know what changes so someone else can suggest something.

The armor just looked goofy as all get out.
Really every cosmetic from what I see is goofy and just makes me not want to buy the dlc for there is nothing worth earning.

All the content released is going to get ran through faster than toilet paper went off the shelves due to covid-19 so what I earn from the content has to be worthwhile and this gear is just laughable and make me say what the heck has the design team been doing with their time? If you’re gonna shovel out garbage then just don’t and fix the bugs LIKE PLEASE FIX WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE ADDING TO IT.

Yikes my guy, maybe a bit too rough lol


god morfran… that was brutal

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While the armour and weapons (the ones we see) do look like a carbon copy of eachother, I do appreciate that it had thought behind it (The equipment was made from what the critters could find).

The phrase, “This equipment will help you blend into your natural surroundings and sneak up on enemies”, makes me think that these sets will actually help with enemy aggro detection; which is an interesting statement if it were true. I don’t think that is the case and I can’t take points off because of my misunderstanding.
There are a lot of armour and weapons included I’m the pack (other than the ones on the page) from the looks of it.

I don’t like giving overly negative feedback to a team that shouldn’t receive all that hard treatment, it does make me feel bad seeing that.
They could have said “Nah, we are not going to improve the base-game with this pack at all”.

I can get behind providing constructive criticism but not completely batching a team’s work. Sure, the equipment isn’t all that exciting but I am not going to roast the team alive over a couple of cosmetics.

“What have they been doing in their spare time” … maybe, the rest of the pack?


the armor could use some work, but I certainly wouldnt say any of it is garbage, there are multiple sets and lots of different weapons, so we have only seen a little fraction of the transmogs that will be in there so it is not fair to be that harsh on the devs

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and I for one absolutely love the trickster chest pet

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Let me clear some things up. I’m only calling the amor and weapons that I’ve seen bad. The rest of the story pack I’m excited for, just the cosmetics shown could be A LOT better. Sorry for hurting people’s feelings but it’s my opinion. For the amount of time spent on pushing new content you’d just think there would be more to show then cloned weapon skins between class weapons. I could spend an hour or two on blender and could come up with multiple unique weapons for all classes. I get there is a theme being used but you can stay within a theme without making everything like almost exactly the same.

And FYI I only take the time and care enough to make post because I have high hopes and expectations for the game and this just missed them. It’s like when reborn first launched instead of taking the time to get everything right the devs rushed the game out and it had bugs galore which a lot still remain in game plus there was no world adventure, no mob variety (barely getting a couple others now), all the reborn gear looks like each other v.s. Every gear set was unique in old school. Heck majority of the unique gear in game currently is Old School Transmogs. Now due to people being stuck inside they are trying to rush stuff out like an empty unpolished tavern and the mini story pack.

like this idea on weapon idea


here is what i made with morfran Idea


That’s a nice looking paddle :sweat_smile: It looks nice but a bit too … thicc on the blade for my taste.

it take me two days to make i think to give it look

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