Missing Person Question

Putting my question in a spoiler tag as it mentions the start of the quest.

Possible Spoilers

After the player house was updated, I poked around a bit in search of the new Missing Person book location and couldn’t find it. I’ve checked several times in the past and I can’t tell if the start of the Missing Person quest is… missing (sorry) or if it’s just really well hidden/in a new type of spot.

I don’t want to know exactly where it is now, I just want to be sure that I’m not wasting time looking for something that’s… missing (not sorry). It was so much fun walking folks through the questline in the past, and I’ve been antsy to start doing so again with the newer players.


I checked about for it the other day too.


It is still in the library, just less hidden for whatever reason.


Boy do I feel a bit silly now, thank you! I knew I should’ve given it one more look-through lol. Better feeling a bit silly than having another “spending months on the DLC maps thinking I have bad rng” incident though! :sweat_smile:

Well, if I may ask, what was this incident?

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Wanted the DLC-exclusive dram dupe drops so I spent almost every day asking around for extra DLC maps and buying any I could find. I’d get whole groups out in the DLC searching for dupes and I learned every map location by heart. Had no idea they weren’t supposed to drop shoulders/chest piece so I didn’t know the loot table was wrong, just thought I was unlucky.

I remember briefly chatting about my “bad luck” with you and AnxiousPanic (who was failing to find a DLC dram dupe exclusives as well) inside the statue that used to be behind the teleport pillar of the old city’s Fellowship Court. Was around August 2021? That conversation was when I realized I wasn’t just unlucky, but bamboozled! Swindled! Shook!

Glad my experience got it figured out sooner, though. Saved someone else’s heart/soul probably.

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