Missing shard rewards

So I just sub 15 a level 7 ancient temple, when we completed it I never got a chest nor a new shard, we waited until after the 30 minutes were up but I didn’t even get a downgraded shard

was there also. my player name is Grantmul

I am guessing whoever had the shard put in crashed part way through the shard? This has happened to me but I think the devs are for the most part able to fix it and at least get the shard back even if it isn’t the leveled one but just the 7 you started with.

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Hi, we’re sorry for the issue - let us know which character was the person who used a shard and we should be able to take a look at the log and see if there was a crash and if we are able to refund the shard used.


It was my shard, my player name is zanros