Missing symbols on the In-Game keyboard

I am unable to enter my password to link my accounts due to a missing symbol on the in-game keyboard. Most of the symbols on the number row of keys are missing. (EN-US)

I’m going to change my password to use one of the symbols available on the in-game keyboard, but it’s not nice to be locked out due to an in-game keyboard issue.

Which symbols in particular were you missing? If you hit the Shift/Accent keys there are some additional ones available.

Sorry about that, the good news is you only have to log in once, so you can change your password back after.

I have checked under both of those buttons, The ~ & * ^ = symbols are all missing, not as many as I originally thought, but it still makes me unable to enter my entire password. Also, the [ ] \ { } | are all missing as well

Also minor bug with the keyboard when entering the password, you need to press most of the buttons twice for the keyboard to take the input.

Yeah, had the same problem and changed my password.

For now changing your password on the website is the best way around this issue. You can change your password back immediately after as well if you’d like.

I had the same problem, another missing character is #.

Going to change my password but just wanted to add another data point for you guys.


Also missing the underscore. I had to change my email due to that.

I changed my password to something simple to type ingame, logged in the first time, then went back to the website and switched back to the more difficult one

We just added a better keyboard with more symbols in the latest patch, so it should take care of the issue for future players.


Still missing the ‘&’ symbol! Have to change my password.

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