Mission not appearing or letting me complete it

hi yes i logged in to orbus went to critter captur to use my mission tokens and they arent showing up even tho it used my tokens and it says i cant get anymore its full please help if tried restarting game and pc goinmg to new areas and completing a different quest but none of them seem to work

Hi, can you explain what you mean by it says you can’t get anymore, it’s full?
When you used your tokens, did you get new missions?

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I think what they are saying is they used tokens to get more critter captures. Those missions didn’t appear but still counted toward the max of missions you can have from one person and now they can’t use tokens to get critter capture missions anymore because the game thinks they’re full up on critter capture missions.

sidenote about the NPC’s , I came back into highsteppe, and none of the npc’s around the playerhouse were there, pierre was gone, the other girl in his shop was gone, the rewards npc and the others were gone too. I asked someone else if they were gone for him too, and he said they were. However I then asked another person and he said they weren’t gone for him. Random NPC disappearing may possibly be another bug as a result of this update, since 2 of us had it at the same time.

Okay, thanks for letting us know, we’ll investigate.

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