Missions tab - won't stay put

Haven’t seen this mentioned either - it autoscrolls back to the top. Is this on your to do list to be fixed?

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Are you talking about after you accept/turn in a mission?

No. You open your menu, go to the missions tab, then scroll down to look at your missions. It will automatically scroll back to the top, so you keep having to scroll back down and quickly read your missions before it does it again.

Are you pressing the trackpad/joystick while pointing at the menu? We added a new feature where you can use the trackpad/joystick to scroll so you don’t have to use the pointer to click on the scrollbar anymore.

This has been a problem for several betas. The menu window seems to refresh semi-randomly, causing it to scroll back up to the top. It’s very annoying and quite frequent.

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Okay, I’ll take a look.

Just to be sure is this happening when you’re just sitting there looking at the Missoin tab and nothing else is going on? Or is it possible that this is happening when e.g. you are getting credit for killing a mob on a mission or something like that?

I looked into it a bit in previous betas, and it was happening more often when around more “events” happening (ie. players interacting with the world). I suspect the mission tab updates every time an event around you happens which could potentially affect mission progress. This was based off the refresh happening more often in and around Highsteppe, and infrequently when out on my own in the world. I believe I actually observed it happening when I would do things like kill a mob or harvest a resource.

edit: It would happen when standing and doing nothing.

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Correct, just sitting there doing nothing but looking at the missions.

I would also like for it to not refresh while walking (teleporting because I just understood that scrollbar addition already broke possible sliding :roll_eyes:). I am doing that a lot. Just walking from 1 highsteppe vendor to another while checking my missions tab (or walking to a new location). It also seems to refresh then randomly so not consistently. But more often for sure. I really don’t feel like being forced to look at missions while having to stand still and do nothing.

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just FYI, this has been an issue with all scrolling menus since normal orbus. we just didn’t have any menus that were important to look at like the missions before so it wasn’t as annoying.