Mist keeper as a model

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the mist keepers gorgeousness. He (or she)(or it . idk) is BY FAR the most attractive of all the monsters. I mean that face is the face of a god.
Heres some totally legit lore for you @stone_r. What if we are all misunderstanding the mist keeper. What if the Ancient guardian is actually holding the mist keeper captive. The ancient guardian actually put the pillars in the room to stop the mist keeper from escaping. The guardian isnt powerful enough to kill the mist keeper himself, but he knew that when players came in, they would obviously see the ugly black pillars that dont match the aesthetic at all, and know that was what they needed to kill the mist keeper. The mist keeper is actually called the gatekeeper, and he is keeping the gate to the realm of the mists, where you get to meet rupert, but the only way you can meet him is if you submit to the gatekeeper completely.

As im sure you can tell, i am VERY bored right now.




I’d kiss that

lol so funny

He gatekeeps Rupert :flushed:

literally, the reason i love tanking this boss. I’ve done it just for the kiss so much, I can tank this boss backward.

:sparkles:The Gatekeepers Kiss :sparkles: Fun definitely real fact, in some places, thats what they call getting high. Coincidence? I think NOT