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I’m having two issues here, one is that mobs with an AoE attack aren’t showing their red box about 20% of the time. It’s especially common with the boars in the jungle, but happens periodically elsewhere as well. The other is that even when they do show the telegraph, It either goes off instantly, or kills me even when I’m clearly outside of it. I’ve had several instances where I was dead in once place and my grave was over on the opposite side of the mob where the AoE went off. With the boars in particular I’ve basically circle strafed them the entire time with short teleports and still gotten hit with the attack. I’m not certain exactly what’s driving the issue. I suspect lag. Running a Samsung Odyssey (not supported I know, but wanted to report the issue anyhow) and a GTX 970, at medium graphics settings. I’d chalk it all up to bad luck but for the times I’ve been on the move and still gotten hit, even though I’m teleporting in a sub 2s pattern.


Hi, we’re aware of the issue regarding attacks going through before the AoE animation, but we haven’t heard of one where the AoE doesn’t appear at all yet. What enemies were you experiencing this with?


Well, Soulkeeper’s AOE can appear to be invisible to different members of the party in Tradu mines.

And that can wipe groups.

It also can appear invisible depending on when it triggers its AOE, most often right after it disappears.

The strangest part is that sometimes some party members see the AOE. Sometimes nobody sees the AOE. All the time someone takes a hit and potentially dies.


Can confirm, Soul Keeper’s telegraph often does not show up. It used to happen with the little sprites as well, but I haven’t dealt with those in quite some time to know if it’s still happening.


The boars in the jungle are the prime offenders when it comes to not appearing at all. I’ve had it happen rarely with the various spectre (purple ghost mob with the self healing AoE) when I’m not directly facing them.


my key issue with mob aoe is every mobs aoe does like 10x their normal damage yet player aoe does like 1/4 how does that make sense?




And these are definitely after we modified the boss fight so it doesn’t do its tankbuster immediately after reappearing? You’re positive it’s the AoE causing the deaths?


It happened before the changes as well, but yes, I am certain it’s the AOE because it:

  1. Hits all members at the same time unlike the other attacks
  2. Doesn’t always affect everyone, so the people who do see it can confirm that the people who saw nothing didn’t move out of the AOE.

I can definitely get others from my fellowship to corroborate this, and I am pretty sure we have talked to people in other fellowships who have experienced the same thing. Next time we kill him I will record to see if I can capture it.



Yes, the AOE has been an issue before the changes and after the changes due to how Soulkeeper continues to pull off attacks AFTER disappearing. So in short, it can do tank buster or AOEs right after it disappears making it the AOE invisible and the tank buster something you need to continue to account for.

There is no mistake or doubt about it. People have just assumed this was “part of the difficulty” of the boss. Much like how he can immediately tank buster when appearing. It seems like this was not the case.


Alright, we will look into it and see what might be happening. And definitely Geldan, if you happen to catch a video of it happening so we can see it clearly that would be amazing. Thanks.


I’ve definitely been killed by a tank buster after the boss has already vanished and have seen multiple group members be hit by AOE that did not show for most of the party, no hint of red anywhere in sight-- all of this post patch.

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