Mob respawns ontopMid combat - radar solution

One of the most annoying things I find when trying to level in this game that I feel could easily be resolved is mobs respawning on top of you in the middle of killing another mob and then dying . It happens a lot , a player should be “ reasonably aware of spawn locations “ ; however , I think the developers should implement either a 5 second proximity aggro grace rule when a mob respawns or a noise indicator . Perhaps a radar function up by the level exp bar indicating the direction relative to you where a mob is ( also would be great if it used the mob difficulty symbols ) and was expandable / shrinkable .

Thoughts ?

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Yeah, this is annoying. Enemies not making any approaching soundeffects makes it even worse… something should be done bout this

Yes a grace period makes a lot of sense. Honestly if you’re in Highsteppe right now as well we have the respawn timers cranked way up because there was high demand yesterday, we can turn those back down as well.

Yes but even outside highsteppe the same situation occurs . It’s just amplified there . Looking at it from a dev standpoint it has limited downside ( I imagine easily coded ) [ grace period not radar ; though I think radar makes sense for future ] . And from a player standpoint alleviates a lot of frustration when leveling .

Cheers ,

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