Mobs' ai performance

I played the open alpha only, mobs were quite straight forward in fighting. So I got questions about mobs’ ai (or npcs).

Would some mobs try to flank players if there were many of mobs ? Would mobs try to dodge attack from distant ( arrows / gunshots / magic ) ? or are there any plans for ai performance ?

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I really hope some deeper combat is planned

I’m not sure how far into the game you’ve gotten, but generally speaking the higher-level mobs (especially once you start getting into the Wilds and whatnot) do have a lot of interesting mechanics. They aren’t things like dodging arrows, but there are a lot of effects you have to dodge, fast movement across the battlefield, mechanics like breaking other players out of traps, shooting down/dodging projectiles, etc. And we’re looking to keep adding those things in more and more as the game matures, such as in the end-game dungeon we’re currently working on.


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