Monster and NPC appearance - Variety?


Not sure where to post that, but I was wondering if the current is the final appearance of monsters and npcs?

Models: The prevailing skinny-look is likely not changing, and as for monsters it adds challenge to fights, specially for the ranged classes.
But do npcs have to look that skinny? They look like ghosts to me, almost-starved, combined with glasses and some dark faces many have a frightening look. And the refugee guys at the camp finally look like they came from a horror-themed game, I got close and was like WAH …

Colors: Not only mob names sound nearly same (Staf-something), almost all are comin in a darkish-brownish tone, appearing like black skinny ghost groups from afar, which depressed me after a while. I miss the red kelpies, the blue sprites, even the spots on the bunnies. Colors like these and patterns are missing from the majority of monsters spreadout over maps.
Not sure what to think about the purple-“tear” kind one, they look a bit like they fell into a pot of radioactive purple and don’t really fit to their surroundings and to the other mobs (while, for example, troll and lich king do blend in), I miss any patterns on those as well.

PS: I also miss wildlife in general like wolves, stags, all the normal animals… Reborn is currently a fantasy world, mostly, mob-wise, where we only can lure out hidden “normal” critters with the net gun.


I second this. I was speaking to someone on the original game and we both agreed that the lack of variety is disappointing. The map is new and was interesting to explore but now we have seen it theres less awe factor and more oh I’m back here in this big empty map with the same mob in every area.

I assume more mob variety is coming but is it planned for the next beta or until after realise?


Hi, we appreciate the feedback and we are definitely planning on adding more monster types before Reborn comes out, and generally “filling out” the world.

As for the NPCs, I think there were some remaining “placeholder” NPC models if it’s the one I’m thinking of with the patchwork of colors.


How prevalent will the cart wheeling dodge AI be in the monster mobs? Because currently, if you have ANY lag at all , it is a nightmare for a mage to fight the twigs. It feels bad to have a 3rd tier spell fly right thru a mob because he spun in place and gets i-frames.

I had 5 of 6 spells cast at one dodged.

I feel if they dodged earlier to allow you to correct corse of spell to have a shot at damage or if they had a more pronounced tic they were about to dodge it would improve this.

Or if this is a more Rare AI quirk … then it adds flavor. But currently it is one of the only mobs … so I worry.

They dodge at the last possible second making recovery impossible.

It doesn’t feel good. Makes my built up mage skill feel useless … like a waste of my time.


I have to agree completely, they are just frustrating to fight, same with the Tear Minions, I had one dodge every charge piecing arrow I did and it’s not fun at all


I thought at one point Riley said they dodge after every x attack so picking when to use the heavy hitters was part of the strategy. I may be wrong. Have you tested it? Or after a set amount of time. They never seem to dodge nonstop so triggering a dodge and using it would make sense.


They seem to dodge each of my spells minus the initial pull by either that in place kick or a sudden last second shift/side step just to be back in the original spot a half second later :broken_heart: So after my first spell, I’ve given up on anything else afterward that isn’t arcane missile. If someone else has main aggro, I might land a few hits standing a few feet away. If this is the new norm, ermagerd honing that target practice, and I kindly request more exploding spells or the ability to explode any spell for less damage than a direct hit.