Monument/archive for original orbus characters


Basically the idea I had was to perhaps add a shrine in the Reborn player house. This could include statues of all 4 classes with last recorded armor/transmog sets from the original orbus. Since our old character models are going away I’d like to be able to see my older characters occasionally. Granted I know a screenshot could work but that’s boring :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s funny you should mention this, and while its not exactly what you want, I was strolling through Highsteppe the other day and remember seeing some kind of monument there… something about defenders crowns or Guardians or something. You’ll have to check it out when you get in the Beta and see what you think.


Great to know. Will this be in today’s beta? Also with the mention of crowns, I hope it isn’t tied to defend the realm as I was unable to reach 18k due to taking a brief hiatus from the game for work related reasons.

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