More Bard Ideas

I had some more thoughts on Bard, and what to do with it. This is a continuation of a thread that I sadly let close down (Relooking at Bard Healing) Knowing that the devs are looking at reworking Talents and classes to make each Talent Tree more viable, I was thinking about how you could essentially re-write Bard as a Healer/DPS hybrid, depending on the tree you take.

These again, are just suggestions for you to look at and use if you feel they’re worth it.

Left side Talent Tree would be for Healing:

  • Reverberate: Increases the range of your passive beneficial effects by 5 meters.
  • Solo: Increases your healing by 20%
  • Chorus: Your Instrument of Cure Wounds increases healing done from all sources by an additional 10% (15% total).
  • Troubadour: Instrument of Gentle Healing tics twice as quickly
  • Encore: Crescendos require 8 notes to build instead of 12

Right side Talent Tree would be the DPS branch:

  • Encouraging Note: Any ally affected by a pulse effect from your instruments deals 10% increased damage.
  • Upbeat: Notes from your songs will play 10% more quickly.
  • Forte: Your Crescendos move 50% faster
  • Skald: Instruments of Harm and Justice tic twice as quickly
  • Symphony: As is.

I’m not really saying Hey, this is what I want to see here, just offering more potential solutions. With Bard being a unique class capable of dealing damage more than Muskets, Warriors, and most Paladins, it’d be an interesting concept to see Bards filling two roles (assuming the DPS values fall in line with other classes).

Forewarning: I have run absolutely ZERO math on the Skald thing. The Troudabour+Encore change with numbers is covered in the previously linked thread.


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