More players incoming!

At least I hope so! Massive pricedrop of HtC Vive!

Yeah I just sent that to my brother! He is really interested in Orbus. I have been taking as many screens as I can and sharing them to friends.

I hope this pull in more people! :smiley:

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Maybe it’s time I buy my fiance a headset.


The Oculus Rift + touch controllers are also on sale for $400.

That’s what I bought :slight_smile:

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$600 for the Vive

$400 for the Rift.

They’re of similar quality to each-other. I’d still go with the Rift.

I have had a lot of time to use both. I personally like the Vive best. I feel its tracking is a little smother an covers a large play area with ease.
However the Rift controllers feel pretty great, until HTC comes out with the second controller type I thing Rift has the more comfortable hand controller for long play. But the tracking can be spotty some times and the reflex of spinning around is kinda limited at times. BUT being able to sit down and still play is pretty nice haha.

All in all they are both good, it just depends on what games you are playing really.

I found the tracking to be a sketchy depending on the setup. I can get 3x3.5 meter play area of I put the cameras higher than myself. I’m 6’0", with the cameras looking down on my it’s perfectly smooth. You’ll need to buy an extra camera too. It comes with 2.

If you do what it tells you and put them at desk level it can be spotty.

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Yeah I noticed that too, I’m 6’1 so I feel your pain haha. But I didn’t find that out until after I gave it back to my friend that let me borrow it. I really did like it though for sitting at my desk and using a VR desktop. But still the only thing I like over the vive about it was the controllers.

But I think the lower cost of the rift is nice. I hope it helps bring in more players! This game is going to be hopping on launch! :smiley: