More Variety in cosmetics, pretty please :3

I’ve said it before, but one of my biggest issues with the game is how little variety there is in the gear. One idea that’s been floating around in my head for the past couple months is separating the loot pools for Missions, Public Events, and random Drops from enemies.

You could keep the current gear as either the mission rewards or enemy drops, but have the public events have their own cosmetics that would be unique to each zone. This would also help fix another issue: The lack of people participating in events outside of Highsteppe. The only times I see more than four people at a public event is at one of the two in Highsteppe.

Slightly less cool but I really want transmogs for the warrior shields, even if it’s purely cosmetics l and would be a disadvantage due to not being able to see through it.

If I can remember from what I heard… It used to be kind of similar in old game. Where there was loot and cosmetics that were unique to certain zones. And you’d have to venture out to get them and or grind for them.

But I do agree that in general we do need more cosmetics you can straight up either buy or grind for with mission vendors. That would incentivize people playing and grinding out different things.

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water gun for scoundrel yes please, crystal pally hammer uhh yesss.

To add another idea on to this:

Battle grounds long term that gives you a weapon transmog.