Mount / pet randomiser

Was talking to friends and we had an idea. If we could select ‘random’ or select a bunch of mounts to randomly come out each time you mount up that would be cool.

It adds reason to collect multiple and would be a nice addition to the game.

I’m not sure when the pet would switch. maybe on instance change? But this would be nice as I think a lot of people have lots of pets but can only use 1.


The one minor problem I could see with that is carry weight. I feel like players would end up not using the feature beyond like 2 or 3 options because all mounts and pets weigh a full 1 unit of weight.

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don’t mounts weigh 0.1?
I know the most pets weigh 1 though

You’re right I just checked mounts only weigh 0.1

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Thats a very good point. I think the weight would have to either be 0.1 or it becomes a max of 1 between all of them for this feature

Maybe the way it works is you don’t have to carry the mount/pet at all. Just have to own it or have broken it down. This way you could select from a list which to use or add to include in the random selection. This could apply to mounts and pets.

Or maybe there’s a special chest in player house which adds it to your random selection table.