Mounting up should make you higher up off the ground


Hmm I like the flying mount thought where it has the purpose of faster travel while being higher of the ground. And because it is higher of the ground and not REAL flying it can be implemented without making something completly new. Which is hard to get the devs to do if it was really flying.

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you’re right… i CAN’T do dragon racing. i had to stop playing for a day after being nauseous from just the first race during the beta.


If you made it through any part of a race without having to immediately take off your hmd, there’s a good chance you’re one of the people who can build up an immunity… I had the same experience in elite dangerous, and I thought I’d never get over it, but then after trying more and more intense experiences for longer and longer, it eventually stopped bothering me… I’d say a few months, I could do flying no problem, and now about 2 years in, I can do a barrel roll loopty loop going 2000mph in jet island and it doesn’t even phase me. The best advice I have is don’t be afraid, and don’t push it, take it slow, and you’ll be glad you overcame it. I believe in you!


Tell that to the 2 people I know who have had their HMD for 2 years and still can’t get passed the first 3 seconds of dragon racing or slide movement lol

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That really sucks… I didn’t say there aren’t people who couldn’t overcome it, I said he might be one of the ones who can… Lucky for your friends, upload vr recently posted an article about an inner ear white noise peripheral that is in testing right now and is supposed to drown out the misinformation your eyes are receiving. Hopefully it will go to market soon, and your friends can enjoy vr to its fullest


We definitely acknowledge that some players are just VERY prone to motion sickness in VR. And we do try to accommodate for that (thus, all of the movement options in the settings). We still want to do cool things, but we need to be careful how and when we do things that can feel a bit intense. Dragon Racing is one thing that is a side activity that isn’t necessary to play the game, so we are sort of OK with people who get sick easily to not play that activity (but we are trying to make dragon racing more accessible btw).

With mounts however, we want everyone to be able to use mounts to quickly get around. We don’t want to limit peoples ability to use the mount. So mounts are an area of the game where we REALLY have to be careful to not make it too intense of an experience.


Thank you for your response, Kyle. I completely agree with all your concerns. That is why I initially suggested the only change be a slight increase in height, so as to simulate getting on top of your hover disk, and that it be a toggleable option.

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