Mounting up should make you higher up off the ground


I’m not sure if this has been brought up or considered, but the title says it all… I don’t get why the thing I stand on is in my invisible knees… Just an immersion improvement… I know gathering will be harder, so maybe a toggle to raise perspective?


And when you are going into a fight you will instand drop on the floor? Not nice :slight_smile:


It’d only need to be a foot or so, just enough to be noticeable, but nothing that will activate vertigo… Also, toggle option?


Problem with this is the clasic smash the ground problem


Can you elaborate? Do you mean when trying to harvest low to the floor because the game floor is lower than your actual floor?


Harvest, pick up loot, chest, so on.


Just make the grab circle expand from further up? Yeah there are some shortcomings, but that’s why I suggested it be toggleable… I’d personally rather get off the mount to harvest than feel like I’m riding a segway on my knees


Have you tried resetting the view? If the in game floor is too low try crouching when you reset, this should raise the floor.


But I want the floor to be lower, only when on a mount, I get the workaround (jump up and reset view mid jump?:joy:) but I’m asking for it to be an in game feature.


Not really too needed because of the annoying time it would cause mechanically.


It’s an immersion thing… Name another game, vr or pancake, where getting on a mount doesn’t change your height… Most games you can’t even collect stuff while mounted, which I wouldn’t mind being able to do if it added the realism of actually mounting up. You’re so against the idea, don’t toggle it on… But don’t just go against it because you personally wouldn’t like it… That’s why I proposed it be an option, but I guess everyone has to play the same way for some reason?


I agree that it would be more fun to make the mounts feel more like you are riding on something. I did actually make a tweak to them some time ago that adds a bit if a slide mechanic and makes it feel more like a hoverboard. What do you guys think of that?

We’ve been so busy with the expansion that I haven’t been able to put it in game, but we’ll see what happens after this beta. It’s a small tweak that I think would give it a little bit more enjoyment!


I think that’s fantastic! I’m glad to hear you’ve considered it😀 I know you are busy with reborn, so I can wait for reborn for that feature to be implemented. I think even a slight lift will make a noticeable difference, and the slide could be cool but some people may have a bad time with any forced camera movements


I was just saying that it could be mechanically annoying when using the mechanic as in it could be harder to pick up items and chests and such, its minor but if it has no mechanic downsides I support and like it, though with not being able to touch the ground makes me kind of iffy


please no… i’d rather not get sick by being up higher than i should be.


Then just don’t use it… The devs wouldn’t do something that decreases comfort without having the option to turn it off for the VR sickness prone like you… So just because you wouldn’t like it, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add it for those of us who would like to have the option. Go play jet island to build up some immunity to the sickness… I had it when I started playing vr too, but now it’s gone because you get used to more and more intense experiences if you’re not afraid to try them


instantaneous vomiting isn’t something you get used to.


Look online at the number of people who have overcome vr sickness by slowly building up a tolerance to some of the more intense experiences… 6 inches off the ground lift is nothing compared to some of the other experiences and games out there… I do recommend you try to overcome your vr sickness like I did, because you’re missing out on 90% of the best content out there… You won’t even be able to do the dragon racing in reborn if flying makes you vomit


There actually are people who cannot overcome vr sickness. It’s true they cannot partake in dragon racing and it sucks.


I don’t get this whole problem, I play standing and seated, both feel just fine and correct for me on my mount, after all it’s a hover-like slim disc we are riding on, so why elevate it even more? This would totally break immersion for me. And since it’s a farming mount it would hinder gameplay as well, right.
If you wanna have a higher stance to lookout while traveling better request elephants or flying mounts :wink: These are just for fun and travel then, they could also go even faster than the disc since people would use them to travel, not to farm.