Multiple item breakdown functionality

I’ve seen a fair few other posts on requesting this feature, so I’ll skip the reasons and go straight to suggesting how it should be implemented.

I’d add a button to the player inventory bottom right to the left of the weight text area, that only appears while you’re at your main storage in your player house, and you have hit level 30 in any class.

The UI could be as simple as two input boxes, with the top box being level + overlevel selection (below this number, for example, if you input 30+0, my 30+0 gear would not be removed, but my 29 gear and below would be) and the bottom to be an input choice of cloth, leather, plate, weapon, all. The suggestions could be similar to bug report, so numbers on top of the keyboard, and at the bottom would be +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, Cloth, Plate, Leather, Armor, Weapons, All.

(this idea is severable)
The button won’t give shards right away, it’ll put them in a chest with 15 (or more) slots per page (one for plate, one for leather, etc.), so players can have a chance to recover their items before they have to contact the devs to return an accidentally broken down equipment. The chest could look like a recycling bin? If this idea were also implemented, the above mentioned button could also be placed here, in place of the Use Item / Breakdown Item button.

I am open to criticism, even if it’s not constructive.


I would prefer it not to be only available in your player house as that forces you to stop and return to the player house if your inventory is too full/ forced to just break each item down individually like it is now.

  • I do like the way mass breaking down would work.

I mean, honestly, when I go to break gear down, I go to sell my green shards anyways, and store my other shards. If you really could fill 4 inventory page of just loot before having to return, kudos to you.

Multiple choice poll below for where players could break down gear:

  • Only break down items at Player House
  • Break down items anywhere

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I can try giving some reasons for why people break down gear anywhere:

  • Personally have only 1.5 tab free of space. So breaking down gear fast is needed.
  • Satisfying to actually keep inventory clean constantly.
  • Efficiency for when waiting around so you don’t have to break gear down when your doing nothing. Instead doing it between monster spawns.
  • When grinding long enough on 1 spot, staying breaking stuff down is nessecary. It happens occasionally for me.

And those are all valid reasons. I’m just looking at this from the GM’s point of view, how many more “I accidentally broke down x gear” requests will happen as a result.

Personally I agree, but as a compromise to keep from making extra work for a small team is why I suggested the two (preferably in tandem).

They can simultaneously add the favorited-item system. Anyone who breaks their gear accidentally after that is S.O.L.

Three systems to plan, write, bug fix, and beta test. That’s a lot of change, even if they had a big team. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, or that that isn’t what I want, (because those ideas would make user experience ultimately better) but I’m defending them like I’d defend as a project manager because it’s a HUGE amount of work. That being said, if they said this was on the roadmap, I would feel heard. Even if it was 8-16 months down the line.

Lol is it though?

TLDR its pretty simple. especially adding favorited items.

Depending how OOP or not their items are. And if not, how good they are scripting for auto editing all their code. Since it’s C# it is OOP, or its being done wrong.

New property on base equippable items: bool isFavorited = false;

Some kind of new action at the bottom that enters a new state (clearing any previous state they were in) such as when they dye/tile up items, every item clicked instead of having an immediate action taken on it is added to a list, reject items that are favorited(currently you can only effect equipped items, so they would need to change that).Then piggyback off of their highlighted item system and (slightly less known to me) allow for multiple colored borders to indicate items being considered for salvage. Piggy back off of their salvaging system right now, except it contains a list and iterates over it. Iterate through the list, check if items are favorited (if they wanted a sanity check), if they are not, salvage them.
Or alternatively, remove the player from any previous state, scan the entire players inventory (similar to how auto-item-deposit is already done in the player chest), find all items which qualify, and salvage them. Obv check for null etc and clear lists.

For favoriting items, you click on it, click on “favorite(if unfavorited) or unfavorited(if favorited)”, give it a special border/icon if favorited.

In a nutshell, they don’t need this explanation. However if my memory is right we’ve gotten indications that they can not easily change icons/rarity (I believe), even in the code, so doing so dynamically would be even harder (even though they have broken gear red status?). It may be some kind of manual process that requires hand editing icons (instead of setting a color value, or applying a rarity which has it’s own set of mapped colors). I don’t really know. I just get the vibe they are dealing with some kinda spaghetti and making it work with no time to fix it as they go towards the new raids and such. Even with spaghetti though it should be changeable, their bigger concern is probably testing. But it’s not that bad, from the outside. We do know they can apply text dynamically, so a favorited item could even be a “*” in the top right corner or something lol. I guess it also comes down to assets they can edit or assets they made, vs assets they bought.