Musket attack reference

I’m a level 14 musketeer and i tried 2 guns on the noob red tails in high step.
My 251 attack and 70 strength blue tier gun did 33 attack damage and it took 3 shots to kill them.
Then I tried my 1000 attack green tier musket and it did 32 attack damage and also 3 shots to kill it. Why so similar is the blue item always better than the green one even though the green has 1000 damage?

A 1000 attack gun is a Level 20 drop. I assume you got it farming with a large group or something (which is totally fine). But basically there is a “cap” at how much Attack value you can get per your level. So even though you have a 1000 attack gun, it is only allowing it to be a “Level 14” gun right now. When you get to Level 15 it will become a Level 15 gun, etc. So basically you can leave that gun equipped and always get the max damage for your level now.

We did it that way instead of saying for example “This is a Level 20 gun, you cannot equip it until you’re Level 20.” So instead we let you equip it since you have it, but it just won’t do more attack than the max for your level.

How come my lower level blue gun does 1 more damage xp then the level 20 green one. Shouldn’t it be the same damage at my l since both are above my level.

Strength increases the damage of your attacks. So likely what’s happening is your Level 20 gun is actually doing more “Attack”, but your blue gun has less Attack but with the Strength it’s a little better. My guess is after you go up another level, the Level 20 gun will do more damage total.


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