Musket bullets quit hitting enemies after time

If I have my musket out for an extended period of time, the bullets go right through enemies.

I can confirm that this had happened to me on many occasions.

The “fix” is to log out and in.

This is a bug were trying to track down with the musketeer, when they go through the enemy pay attention to where the “splash” of the abbility orbs appears, in our testing it seems like it originates from your body even when shooting at mobs and the bullet itself looks like its hitting the mobs.

Not just a bug with musketeer. Its happened to runemages, rangers, and probably warriors though I have not encountered it yet on warrior.

Rangers will fire their arrows and special arrows which hit nothing. Runemages will cast their spells but all their spells come out of their feet into the ground immediately. In every case no matter what class, their character position stays near the enemy even if they try to teleport away, resulting in death unless the enemy is killed (which fixes the problem as combat resets).

This is one part of the combat desync bug that I posted about. The only fix is to log out, get forced logged out, the client can crash, or you die so it resets combat.

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