Musketeer group battle should i save myself

How to balance using healing orbs in a group battle or boss battle so you don’t die. Should I use more on group and less on myself. Or should focus on keeping myself alive.

It’s a difficult balance sometimes, if you’re dead then the party isn’t getting heals at all, but if the party dies, then so do you(most likely).
Personally, my heal priority is Tank(cause if the Tank goes down, mobs run wild and wipe everyone), the Healer (cause if healer is down, then Tank could fall, and of course mobs run wild… etc), then dps last (sorry dps, but you need to stay out of the fire :wink: )

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no heal prioraty is yourself haven you watched hives guide to healing XD

Depending on the situation you can actually heal yourself and your target by moving next to them and shooting your orb at the ground. All orbs are actually a small AE.

The shield bullet hits multiple targets if they are close to each other, so sometimes I teleport on top of the warrior and shield us both.

I think the musketeer is more of a party leader in this game, as opposed to the tank in most other games. Communication is important. Make sure everyone keeps an eye out for your healing turret, as it actually heals quite a bit. Make sure they clump together when appropriate to get lightwell, turret and shielding.

If they have to kite something away to not die, make sure they know to make a long loop back around to you, so you can more easily heal them.

Don’t underestimate the power of your debuff. It significantly increases damage, and it hits all enemies that are clumped. If the mobs die faster, that’s potentially less damage you have to heal through.

Our super is extremely good at stopping wipes. You get all of your bullets back, and their cooldown is reduced for a time, so basically you are getting 3 casts of most bullets very quickly.

so thats what the super is I didnt understand it before I thought it gives whatever orb you put in there extra power

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