Musketeer Healing

Healing with a musketeer is a bit tricky as you have to make sure you hit the target as well to gain XP. Is there a way we can have it so if you heal a player who is killing the enemy XP will be granted?

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I think only sharing xp while in party. otherwise you are just doing good deed to others. (I haven’t been in any party yet, its a usual guess base on past mmo exp…)

equip a poison orb you should have one slot free fire that at an enemy then as it dose damage ticks heal every one and then DPS the target

To get XP for a monster kill, you just have to be on the monster’s aggro table when it dies. If you are in a party, you get credit for the aggro of everyone in your party as long as you are on there with at least 1 aggro point.

As a healer, you generate aggro on monsters when you heal someone that they are attacking.

So basically if you heal someone that the monster is attacking you should get credit. And if you are in a party with that person you will get full credit for what they do as well.

Pretty sure this currently doesn’t apply to quest credit for kills at least based on mob type. Johann, Pyra and I were grouping and even when getting heals, if Pyra didn’t explicitly tag the mob, he wouldn’t get quest credit.

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Any plans for bullets that replenish warrior shields? it’s almost better to not use the shield so they can heal the damage. shields feel very limited compared to health+heals. Idk if it’s too strong to have healing replenish shields also. I just feel like it would make some sense. But maybe the warrior is supposed to juggle getting hit on shield or health. I got a problem with poison enemies because they kill me little by little but it’s healable, but once my shield is broken they direct hit me and they put the poison so i get rekt. Maybe a specific bullet for shield replenishing… then again idk, gunners don’t seem to have very good consistent healing anyways and i suppose a small heal to the shield would be pretty worthless, pretty much like the shielding orb. The best healing gunners do is the turret Imo but maybe that changes with intellect gear later on. I think the cooldowns associated with healing may be too high. what do you healing gunners think?

De curse is your friend. Get with your musketeer or runemage on it. However, poison enemies should probably have a cool down on poisoning you. I literally have to just cast it over and over to keep poison off logan.

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@Riley_D This is what I was referring to mostly.

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