Musketeer orb description help and best orbs

I know you can point to the orbs for the muskeeter for info in the slot, but when i have 4 floating around your musket it gets confusing to which one is healing and attacking. Is there a complete diagram that says what each orb does so i could memorize which one to use at the right time. Also which ones are the best to carry on you in sequence.

Maybe the orbs could be more transparent and have a icon inside. This icon could easily help with figuring out what each orb does.

good idea. Also alot of people seem to using the mages. I wonder if triple shot bursts would make them musketeer more appealing. Or loading the orbs on the side of the gun instead of the front it will make it faster . Maybe a sword on end of musket.


Maybe the option to shake the orb for increased size or damage… that would stay true to the basic concepts of the class

Ya but if shaking it will increase damage, what would be the use of the lower damage one in a fight no one will use the lower damage orb and it would take extra time to shake it for higher damage.

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Thats true… didnt think bout that :stuck_out_tongue: Well, hmm… I still hope there could be an additional mechanic :smiley:

For a more complete description of the orbs I would recommend you check out the musketeer page on the wiki ( For tips about firing sequence and orb selection I suggest you ask higher level musketeers in the community if they would be willing to share any tips.

for damage start with the purple weakness one, then the green poison one then probably the cold one

balanced solo questing wise use the green healing aura and the yellow heal over time, with the purple green combo for damage.

for healing duties shield your tanks, then keep spamming heal spells at them with a healing turret tossed out as long as they keep living and tooting their horn you dont need to do damage

teleporting allies are a right pain in the butt to actually have an aim based class for healing. could we instead have an orb grenade option? or shake the orb for a higher potency grenade so less range but higher area of effect

So far all I’ve done is solo and for most mobs I generally use the green healing well, the instant heal, the green poison orb and the purple weakness orb.

If I’m fighting a mob that heals such as the forest golems, I’d swap out the healing well for the black hole orb for the short stun.

I think the blue frost orb is probably more useful for trying to escape from enemies in a losing situation. Since most enemies will try to get up in your face, the majority of the fight will be in melee range and I’d rather take healing/damage over a slowing ability.

the black hole orb is the the one that gathers the enemies together. I never seen that one

i find it kind of useless the AoE is too small to really do much more than a minor stun. maybe it’s useful as an interupt?

The stun doesn’t interrupt unfortunately, but it can delay a mob healing itself. I use it against the earlier-mentioned healing mobs when they are around 40% health. Even then I still need to keep poison, weakness and my turret on the mob at all times.

Saying that though, my musket only has an attack strength of 20 so it’s still very weak (my total armour is in the mid-500 range).

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