Musketeer Preview Blog Post

Hey everyone,

We put out a quick blog post tonight with a preview of what we’re finishing up for the Musketeer class for the next test. Check it out when you get a chance:



I, for one, and very excited that the musketeer will be the focus of the next alpha test. This was a great decision and I look forward to the next test very much now.

I was also commenting during the last test that one thing that we lacked was a gravity type spell, and I am ecstatic that this will be added to the musketeers arsenal. Awesome work devs!


This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it, and all the different orbs look awesome. Playing runemage was fun but my heart has always been with musketeer.

Really exciting, I can’t wait to try the revamped Musketeer out!

I really dig having the orbs be equipped items, as that allows for long term itemization and progression in finding special orbs throughout the game.

Very cool. Any hints as to what the Musketeer’s Ultimate Ability will be? :man_with_turban:

Edit: Also, could you clarify this sentence:

“(During the live game you’ll have to earn them as you level up).”

Does that mean that you will unlock the orbs as you level up, at which point they’ll be available to select in your inventory at all times, or does it mean that you will collect finite quantities of orbs, e.g., as mob drops, while you play the game and level up your character?

It sounds like he’s talking about gaining access to the orbs at certain levels.

Question: Does anybody know if blasting the turret with the poison shot effects polymorphed targets or does it ignore them?

Also Weakness should probably be renamed. To me, the name implies that the debuff will make them hit with less power instead of making them get hit harder. Although both those debuffs would be valuable if your looking for more orbs to add. :slight_smile:

Basically it’s going to be rapid regeneration of your orbs. So if you’re a Support DPS, you can do a nice burst of damage, and if you’re a Healer, it’s going to be a great “oh crap!” lifesaver.

Right, yeah, this. They’re “permanent” items. Once you get it, you have it. No need to get another of the same thing.

EDIT: To further clarify, they are basically like any other piece of gear, only that instead of them coming from drops in the world, you’ll just get them as you level up the Musketeer class. There may be one or two that we add that you have to go on some sort of “Epic Quest” to get (we may do similar things with for example Runemage runes for spells). But generally speaking for these class-specific items, it’s less about ‘getting them as a drop and then keeping them upgraded’ like you would with a normal weapon or piece of armor, and more just about giving us an intuitive way for your to equip them.

I was also going to mention, putting all of this in the inventory definitely eats into inventory space right now, I really need to get that Personal Chest in the game. I think the plan on that is going to be that if it’s in your Personal Chest, and it’s gear, then you can add it to a Gear Set (which is basically a pre-defined set of gear like a loadout so you can quickly switch classes or even roles in the same class) and equip it even if the item isn’t in your inventory. That way you don’t have to take up the inventory space on your person with gear sets for other classes, Orbhealer loadouts, etc. Either that or we’ll be adding some sort of Gear-specific inventory space. One of the two. It probably won’t be in for the next test, though…

Currently it would hit the Polymorphed target.


Now I know we’re deep in the land of speculation

But I instantly think of Skyrim with the finding the shouts, the knowledge swirling around you. I would LOVE to experience that in VR (There may be problems with copyright or something :confused: ). But something similar would be awesome.

Edit: Sorry getting side tracked from the main focus. I really like the direction the musketeer is taking. It looks to require a lot more foresight than the other classes currently, you have to think about what problems you are likely to come up against. And which of your balls will work best with your team to help you beat them.

Questions: once you throw in the personal chest will our inventories continue to be wiped each test?

When will the warrior preview be released? It would get more attention probably next week after the musketeer hype has died down but. . . I want it now! Please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sadly, I am gong to have to wipe the inventories at least this test and probably next. The inventory system is just really, really “immature” right now and I keep having to make massive changes to it. I know it’s annoying to have to re-acquire gear, but that’s Alpha, I guess.

But yeah once that’s all a lot more stable I won’t have to wipe them anymore for sure.

My guess is that it will be early next week. Sorry for the wait, but it’s not all done yet!


It’s a good thing that inventories are getting wiped. If that weren’t the case, many of us would have nothing to do besides re-level whatever class is being worked on (if it’s a class we’re interested in playing).


I agree. I was just curious because he mentioned player chests, essentially the next step for the inventory.

Is there anything in the think-tank for some sort of aim-assist mechanism? Maybe I’m just unskilled, but it’s extremely difficult to hit a moving ally that moves by teleportation. Of course good communication can remedy that, but that can be difficult when working with new people.

Maybe a way to focus a target with some sort of sights on the helm, or have sights on the gun that turn green if the target is in-sight and range?

Thanks for all the wonderful work thus far!

Riley has already stated that he wants the shooter classes to be skill based in the idea that if you miss, it’s your fault (specifically the ranger).

I agree that there’s an issue with healing allies, but I don’t think that aim-assist is the correct answer. Instead, I feel that healing type projectiles should be instant and have no travel time. This would allow for for a fix for the issue without removing the skill-based healing of having to aim well in order to keep your party alive.

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Isn’t the point of games to require some level of skill?I don’t think it should matter if it is harder to communicate with new players. Also the healing turret will be a guaranteed heal.

Edit: Also there will be an aoe heal. I feel like it’s a positive thing to get away from the point and click EZ peazy mentality for every skill.


Being a skilled shot is one thing, but aiming at someone who can teleport in a blink of a second without any indication is another.

Would be difficult if in a large group healers need to keep yelling “x don’t move so I can aim my shot!” before they have to teleport away from a mechanic. It’ll just be a lot of people yelling over each other, which isn’t the intent. If you could aim a shot and fire, and THEN if they teleport it could follow them that’d be different. As in, the ball will hit the target it would’ve hit at the time of fire rather than when it collides, at least for the friendly-fire healing orbs would be nice. You’d still need to be able to make the shot.

Not wanting to communicate in an mmo…anyway that sounds exactly like something that you’d want people to have to communicate. Also, you may want to change your strategy if everyone is yelling over one another. I’ve had no problem with this being easily communicated in the dungeon anytime I’ve run it. (5~ times with different groups) Sorry, the complaint kind of sounds lazy to me because I’ve seen that it is a pretty simple issue to get over.

Edit: I’m not saying it isn’t frustrating as all hell to miss the shot- but it is definitely avoidable.

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it would be the same in a large scale raid as well in a reg mmo, if the healers were using a small AOE heal, u would have do cordinate where the heal would be put down, and people would have to listen

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Lazy? No. Just not rewarding to shoot and have it zipping around. This isn’t an issue with enemies, as they move, but allies.

And this doesn’t mean not having communication… I don’t see how you see having a followed heal attack on trigger pull, which you’d still have to aim and communicate, as some lazy game breaking mechanic. It wouldn’t even be every heal…? But okay. It’s pre-alpha. Things should be tried out.

Except that’s not every single heal, by multiple healers that has to be done constantly. You can also see a AoE heal and act accordingly.