Musketeer questions

Hope some fellow Musketeer player could help me with some questions.

First of all regarding dungeons. I recently hit lvl 8 and gladly queued for a dungeon. But as soon as I got in I almost got laughed at for being such a low level healer (paladin was like “I don’t need a healer anyway”). They asked if I have any other class to change to.
My question: Did I completely misunderstand something and dungeons are not supposed to be done for some EXP and gear in Orbus?

2nd point - Other dungeon & other group. Seemingly I do not quite get how to correctly heal with Musketeer? They kept asking me to only shoot my turret so everyone gets healed. But - that only applies to the charged shots, doesn’t it? And if I do so, my turret has CD and can’t be used for a while.
My question here is - Are there any mechanics I don’t understand at all? I keep shooting my heal orbs near my partymembers since they are small aoes anyway.

Also. Whats a good way to level a supporter class? Via quests I suppose? Since the dmg is quite low and killing mobs would take forever. Would it be advisable to first level a DD class?

while leveling, it is smart to do at least one dungeon a day as it gives an XP bonus, but only once, it will also give you better gear.

what they wanted you to do with the turret was load he musket with a heal orb, charge it, and then shoot the turret because it will give an AoE heal that will heal everybody within an area.

Doing quests is the way to level up every class, just do those and you can level up very quickly.

hope I answered a few questions (i do not main musky, nor play it. but I do have it level 30 just in case)

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Groups: This was just a jerk group, likely, it is true if majority is level 30 (or tank is level 30) they sometimes don’t need a healer. If lower players are in the group or people who are practicing they well do though. Just join as many queues as you can, you always get this and that and gain experience on what bosses do also from that.

XP and Gear from dungeons are both neglectible, though, gear you overlevel quickly so if you have little time you can postpone dungeons till you are 30, then you get gear you will hold on for a bit longer time.
Leveling musky with quests (and events) gives more xp and should be no issue, you are bit slower when getting mobs down, but set your turret to dmg and load it with poison and use weakness on mobs, that is well enough.

Turret: This is correct info and indeed very important. You normally load it with a big heal and a renew orb, then it spreads the renew to everyone around, the big heal makes it stronger. Charged shot you ONLY use once you got the (lvl 20 I believe) talent for it, then this is very powerful. You shoot your charged shots either on mobs/bosses - it also interrupts them which can be very useful - or you shoot your turret to spread the charged shot to everyone around (but the turret you only shoot with renew and sometimes big heal; the shield will destroy your turret; unlike ChaseChair said you will never wanna loose your turret or shoot it so it’s vanishing. It is most powerful if it’s up & loaded and the charged shots spread things anyway; I did not run in any situation where I wanted to destroy it, ever).

Keeping up your turret and place it in a good position (always must reach the tank) is most important, but does not mean you don’t heal manually. Means, you - mostly - ignore the party members (these are fine with the turret, if needed), and focus on the tank, first of all. You also will shield the tank (if it’s a warrior, preferably when his shield is down, for the pally you can just use it on cd) and give him manual big heals once needed.
As fourth orb weakness is preferred over poison, it gives the whole group a dmg boost, very useful on trash and bosses alike. On low dungeons or with good groups you can drop the shield and use poison instead also.

Also, charged shots pull a lot of aggro so later on you will be carefully using them when needed and if a tank tends to loose aggro better load your turret with normal shots (also, later on you get overcharge, you hold your turret 2secs in your hand to empower it whenever you can, before deploying it).

[I’m a musky main and healed around 1k shards up to lvl 15… so all this might not work for everyone, but it does for me.]


Thanks a lot for the replies!

“Loading” the turret means I can change how it acts via shooting it with orbs? Good to know! :open_mouth:
That means if I just put up my turret in healing mode it does less heal per second unless I shoot it once with my cure or renew orb? Do I have any visual or sound cue for how long the turret is in buffed mode?
Does loading the turret also work with attack orbs? So like loading it with ice buffs the turret for more dmg or loading it with poison makes it spread the debuff to all enemies in range?

As for orb setup, I had heal, hot, shield and the gravity orb with me since they kept asking for interrupts

It will heal more if you load the turret with a renew orb, the turret will stay buffed until it dies.
I’m not sure if it works with attack orbs,(like I said I’m not a musky)
And as for interrupts I should let you know that you can also interrupt with a simple charged shot

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Ok these are lots questions I answer one by one…

Yes. It will always do dmg or heal according to the base-setting, but spread what you loaded (normally renew, poison) same time.

The speed is same, but the big heal (cure wounds) will make each heal stronger, so yea it will be more hps, overall. The renew works differently, it is a HoT placed with each heal the turret does. And it is only placed once someone receives dmg and thus needs heal. So if you wanna place it in advance (for example on tanks while they are still full heal) you need to do that manually.
Once you are 20 you can grab the charged-shot talent and will have a much easier time spreading renew, you can even place it on the tank if he’s not in your line of sight, and not taking dmg (yet), by shooting the boss or the turret with charged-shot-renew.

There’s no indicators, no. The turret will stay buffed until it expires. If you don’t relocate (blue outline still there), but put it out anew, you need to load it anew also.

Yes, you can load it with poison and it will be spread and that is all I ever used (not in dungeons, but for farming), ice works also, likely, but is considered as weaker and in reborn you don’t really need to slow things, ever, other classes do that, so most muskys ignore that orb.

As Chase said, the interrupt is just done with any charged shot you do (you can load an orb or not, it does not matter); you can interrupt even before you get the charged-shot talent.
The gravity orb I only ever saw being used at one single hardmode boss, where you need more than one interrupt. If you use that orb in dungeons on trash the group will likely tell you to change, because normally there’s a kill-order, they target the most dangerous mob (example flying poisoners) first, which does not work if all is stuck into each other :slight_smile:

So as for orbs, the standard in dungeons is weakness, shield, renew, cure wounds. Very rarely (no mage in group and high dot dmg incoming) you will use decurse instead of weakness, but the cd of this orb is long, so a mage decurse is way better.
For farming I use poison, weakness, renew and cure wounds, setting the turret to dmg, shooting the turret and the mobs with poison, the double poison+weakness gets them down; however, I rarely farm with the musky anymore, but use shaman or scoundrel for that, it’s certainly faster.

However, there are people who did not kill a single mob and leveled to 30. Which is bit extreme, but you can focus on critter hunt, events and other quests to level your musky and do the kill-quests with the next class you level, preferably a dmg dealer.

Endgame: Every healer should have at least 1 dmg class to switch to also, since couple bosses are never done with a healer. The shaman is a good alt class for this, very powerful and not hard to learn, however, it also is not fit for some bosses which require ranged dmg; so having a ranged-dps, additionally, is a good idea also.

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Oh my - thanks a lot you two!
Those informations really helped me a lot! I already wondered if theres anything else I can do with the charged shot, other than “killing” my turret and revive other player.
Guess I really was playing musky wrong the whole time xD