Musky Raid Gear


The new musky raid chest is a bit lackluster… Odd choice to put the sports bra on top of the shirt.

FYI - Random colors for testing. The brown is primary, the red is accent.
Edit: Also, it would be really great if the dyes effected the scrolly designs on the gear…like…reallly really great.


I got the raid shoulders (woo!) and broke them down for transmog, as my current shoulders were better stats. When looking to do the same thing (test colours) they’re not active in transmog, none of the options for the raid gear are in the wardrobe, only the weapons.

I’m not sure if its for every class, I only looked at Musketeer.
When will they become active for Transmog?
and when they do, cause i’ve already broken mine down will they then appear when implemented?


We’ve figured out the issue causing this, and we’ll fix it in a patch soon. Don’t worry about having dismantled it already though, it will have saved it properly to your character anyways.

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