Mute function not working

Over the past few days I’ve muted a few players (some due to background noise, some to test the system) and it seems to be a very hit or miss kind of thing. In dungeons I’m able to hear muted players, and just now I muted a buddy in Highsteppe and while I couldn’t see his hands or spells, his voice was still coming in loud and clear.

Can you send us an output log when that happens and you still hear them after muting? We’ll take a look.


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Adding on to this I have noticed the global mute function has stopped working.

Output log was too large to send via Discord, and I’m not sure how to link text files here, so…

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Same. Constantly not working. I thought that was mentioned before when the last update on the audio system was already done (I might be misremembering). So didn’t report it. But the mute button not working for me is already for what feels like weeks.

Will try sending in a bug report when it happens next time.

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Please do, we definitely would like to get this under control if it happens regularly.

Pritty sure the short timed mute everyone is not working at all