My huge feedback (updated) : ImBanana

All the bug that i found and my feedback !
Ok first of all i’m french and i try to do my best to be understandable.
Here is my setup :

  • Htc Vive
  • Windows 10 home 64 bits
  • Geforce GTX 980 Ti
  • Intel Core i5-3570K (3.4 GHz)
  • 4x4 = 16 gb of Cosair Vengeance DRR3 Ram
  • asus p8z77-v lx2 motherboard
  • Internet connection PING 24 ms, Donwload6.13 Mbps, Upload 0.95 Mbps.

Most of the time i was playing whit the supersampling in 1.5 which was verry fluid.

Here are my output_logs :

PastBin cut out the logs when they are too hudge (even when you clic on show the original) so I use pasted.




Bugs :

  • Whit the 0.88 i was still crashing sometimes.

  • When the list of players around you is full, the last one on the list can only be muted, the invitation option does not appear.

  • When someone was grouped, crash and reconnenct, he is no more on the group but the other members still see him inside ( green name, appear on the group list), but he can not be invited (the group is full message) or kicked (the option don’t work in this case) so we need to all degroup and regroup.
    This was more annoying whit the dungeon (you needed to start it again).

  • Sometimes when a monster is focusing someone and he dies (even a group member) the mob get 0 hp but he is still alive attacking you and he is unkillable; when he killed everybody around (or you run away and he loose the focus) he get is life back and go back on his spot.

  • Most of the time the loots was buggy (you take it on you hand and he fall on the floor), everybody know that but one of the trick was to go far away while looking at it until he desepear on your screen, then go back on it and you see it poping again out of the floor and this time you are able to catch it. So maybe when the bug happen you could find out something to force it refreshing.

  • The tavern with a blue square “It’s A Trap!”, after going on the square you are flotting above the ground and you can’t move, same thing when you teleport back. In this case the back to town option is not working ! (same thing for a friend)

  • At a time i saw like the others, that all the guard around me was stuck running whitout moving

  • One of my friend was stuck in combat inside the dungeon but the option on the menu was not helping so he had to reconnect (i saw that bug only once, maybe the option don’t work in some cases).

  • The stuck combat issue seems to happen a lot in first wolves and spiders area (near the dungeon), especially when whe die by them and whe respawn on the second village.

  • When you get out/get in the dungeon, you need to remute people again.

  • Sometimes mobs get stuck.

  • The rock boss can get buggy in some case, full life (not 0 hp) but unkilable, even whit the stalactites.

  • When you die you respawn on people who also died, you are stuck (walk don’t work) and you need to teleport out of their body.

  • Sometimes going on the dungeon don’t load your friend well and they appear whit no live, lvl zero, no stuff, no name.

Feedback :

  • I was playing the Ranger most of the time and trust me, he don’t have a bow but an ******* AK47 if you play like if you have parkinson. The rate of fire possible to do is too high and i was able to take the aggro in any case (even whit 40 players) and kill easely most things.
    Here is an exemple of what i mean
    (thx to NightFiree for this video).
    Like the warrior system wich have to do realistic movement the archer need something, a higher cooldown beetwen two arrows will be great.

  • Sometimes It’s preatty hard to invite a friend when there are people around, even when you both get a little bit away and refresh the menu, you still see other people on the list. The list shoud be class by the nearest to the farest around you and not just a random list of all the people around.

  • The time to put an item on the backpack is long, i was holing the back behing my neck and standing like 4 second that he depop.

  • When you are crowded it’s difficult to see your inventory, showing it above everything but not your hands should fix it.

  • The warior aggro skill should keep the agro for a period of time. because i alway take it back a second after whit the archer.

This is all i can remember.
Thanks for every thing, i love the game and i will help for the kickstarter, i hope this can help you fix some of the bug.
Bye ^^