My thoughts on the lore from the new lore quests

After doing some of the new lore quests I wanted to share what I think this could mean for more future lore and lore quests and my opinion on the new lore. (I’ll also try to keep this spoiler free for anyone still doing the quests)
First well start with my prediction on the future of what we will see next In the lore. Based off what one of the quests have I think (and really hope) can that we will finally figure out who is controlling the necro mobs which is super exciting because it will further expand our knowledge on them, and before this lore quest we didn’t know much about them. Next I think that we will hear more about the gods of chaos which is huge because in my opinion they are some of the most interesting pieces of lore in the game. We might even be able to travel to the different dimensions the mentioned in the quest. Lastly we might get more knowledge on the brotherhood and who the dark god of chaos is and why we so easily kill whoever they tell us to. I think there is something much bigger going on then what we have seen so far.
Moving on to my thoughts on the new quests I must say I was very impressed! There wasn’t to much dialogue but not to little too which is almost satisfying because you get the message and it didn’t feel repetitive. In the brotherhood quest I love how it’s a riddle you have to solve which feels amazing compared to the classic fetch quest or kill quest missions. Also I love how the sisters interacted with each other it really gave them a sense of personality and really reminded me of tinny from old game! Another thing that I loved from this was a bit more (not much) on the esasa civilization and the cool thing you can do in the temple dungeon. One thing though is the grim reaper part 4 is super hard, I haven’t found any one who has figured it out yet! I swear me and a small group checked every inch of patreayl and couldn’t find him.
Anyways that’s my thought on the new lore, but how did you like it? I (and I’m sure the devs) would like to hear your thoughts on it!
Also I didn’t finish the lavamora salvaging quest line before I made this so sorry I didn’t include it. Also also I’m planing on making a new theory on the lighthouse (this one will be a real theory I promise) so be sure to check that out!!


We really appreciate the kind words and enthusiasm about the new quests! I passed your feedback to the team and it’s been fun implementing new stories to fill out the world. :slight_smile: