My totems broke.....again

Tonight during our raid, my totems broke a countless amount of times. Sometimes they would break after the first few throws, sometimes right after I place them. It’s random which orb seems to break. But I find I’m left with only my stun orb more often then not. This bug has been around for awhile. Is this still being looked into? It really hurts shamans and is quite annoying. Devs please look into this, I am more than happy to provide as much info as possible if needed.

Thank you.


Oh hey same; I just don’t play shaman much.

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I’ve noticed it too, died a few times because of it.

We’re definitely still looking into it. We’ve received logs for the issue but those don’t show any lead - what would help the most is knowing actions or circumstances in which it always happens, or happens often enough that it would be feasible to reproduce it in testing.

Is it only in raids? only during big group events? Does it happen when just grinding solo? in the overworld or dungeon only? Stuff like that.


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I had it in raids (Pot Tank) and Dungeons (Dungeon Troll, Chaos Hunter) alike, but not very frequently.

I’ve definitely noticed it happen with more frequency when there is a higher player count near me. When I’m solo or in my house I don’t recall it happening. In raids and dungeons, I’ve had all three break at once.

I’ve seen it at events also. I don’t recall seeing it when soloing but I will keep an eye out.

Has happened to me while soloing and not in player-crowded areas. Usually my lightning totem.

I tested before that is never breaks in your house or alone in a dungeon. But how more ppl around how higher the chance becomes of it breaking.

I’ve definitely had it happen while soloing in the overworld and I’m pretty sure while in a dungeon. Typically doesn’t happen the first couple of times I drop totems after equipping the class. It does seem to happen more if the totems are dropped during the fight rather than if they are dropped just before beginning the fight, however I’m pretty sure I have had it happen at the beginning of the fight - just less often.

I had it break on me yesterday, I was alone. It seems that ‘re-deploying’ the totems fixes it until it happens again.
When it happens, the totems are still on the ground, just no orbs spawn on top. This also breaks the tile-sets as a side effect.

The thing is, it will never break when no-one else is in the zone. You might have been alone fighting, but ppl are fighting or doing other thingd somewhere out of your view. If you were were in the overworld?

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Yeah, I was in Lamavora with seemingly no one around. (near the bottom where the crownfoil’s are)

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