My two cents. (The games UI & Design mechanics)

Starting off, this game is incredible. It’s simply a blast. The social atmosphere is really quite amazing. And playing as a runemage everyone is suffering along side of me to learn the spells but I’m finally turning a corner, haha. But in playing I had thought of a few changes I’d like to see, and my reasonings for them.

The UI

The UI needs love. Having our hp attached to our weapon is silly. Especially for the ranger class. I couldn’t play the class for more than a minute because of the clutter when trying to murder things. I also don’t think that the lower tool belt slots should be directly under the compass and class secondary, I think they should be more on your hips, rather than your front belt loops if you catch my drift. That way you can clearly see what’s on your belt at any given time. The delay when hovering over an item in your inventory just makes it clunky in my opinion, and I think it’s unnecessary. Having our levels being shown but the mobs having an icon system is also very confusing. Stats & breakdowns would be incredibly useful as well.

Instanced Stairs

Dear god, get rid of this. This is the one and only thing I truly despise about this game. I play with smooth locomotion and it’s hell. The end-portals on the opposite side of stairs are always a few footsteps from the top’s exit, so I always have to backtrack to get to the door or whatever thing I’m getting to.

Journal Entries

I think we should be able to write our own notes. Spells are passed down through players, as well as exploration. I would love to lock in my teachings, or actually make versions of spells that I could trace, as the runes found in the world aren’t 100% accurate in their scale. Also I would love to see tabs within your journal. “Quests”, “Mage Spells”, “Warrior techniques”, “Alchemy”, so on and so forth.


Spellcasting is incredibly frustrating and super rewarding. It took me all day today to be able to combo Frostbolt 2 into Icelance. I think there should be a bit more leniency for the first level spells, and increase the difficulty of the spells as you go higher, not only in intricacy of runes, but the acceptance rate. That would help keep people interested through the beginning stages. To me it doesn’t make sense that casting a resurrection three-step ritual is trivial in comparison to casting a perfect Frostbolt 2, just because you can basically fudge the runes.

For now I digress, and I will more than likely come back with more, but as a game that just OOZES potential I can’t hold my tongue on obviously flaws.

Mages Secondary Weapon:

Musketeers have turrets, Ranger have traps, Warriors have horns, we have… Nothing. I think it would be really cool to have a Blank Rune; a small magic stone, that you can cast spells into, and granting a charge on it before you have to recast on it. So say I enchant it with Ice Lance, it will allow me to hold an Ice Lance at the ready. So I can be casting away, and if I fudge my normal Ice Lance cast, I can put that up and “cast” using it, and shoot one off, then it goes on cooldown.


Arms and legs. Many, many VR games have it, and while they can bug out, they can do a lot for the immersiveness for a game. I’ve had a few people come into my chat when I’m streaming talk down on the game because “Everyone looks like Mii’s”.

I love this game, and I’m super excited to see where it takes us.


i agree on spellcasting, journal and stairs, and I really like the idea of the blank rune ! That would be pretty cool !

Devs have stated that journal runes are accurate to the proper tracing

This is countered by the fact that rituals require reagent which is a limited resource, but spells are free-cast and all spells are castable from level 1.

I accepted this as a Runemage because mages are potentially the highest DPS in-game. The strongest ultimate by far, combined with the fact that your only effective cool down is the time it takes to draw the next rune, which dramatically decreases with practice.

These people don’t see the big picture. This is an open world VR MMORPG. The only instanced areas are dungeons and player homes, to my knowledge. Everything else is literally one big map. The computing power required to render AAA graphics and character models on such a scale would overpower all but the most powerful PC’s and make the game unplayable for those with minspec VR rigs. Personally, I like these graphics reminiscent of Ocarina of Time.


The hunter trap is useless except for the case that you accidentally pull 2 mobs and do´n´t want to reset them

I’ve been using the trap extensively to kill red mobs solo without taking too much damage. Really speeds up the grind.

It’s also great for dungeons, especially if you don’t have the mages for polymorph. It’s as good a cc tool as poly, just with a much higher cool down.

yes please would make it so much easer to find stuff in the book

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