Nate Mitchell from Oculus has backed OrbusVR

Thought this was pretty neat. Nate has been the face of Oculus recently and I hope this shows other people that this MMO is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Congrats guys.


Yeah we just noticed that a few hours ago, haha. That’s great!

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Just so long as he doesn’t try and force you to be an Oculus exclusive. Please no…


You don’t have anything to worry about in that regard.


I know it goes against what everyone on Reddit tells you, but oculus does support an open standard.

An open standard is not created by one company and thrown onto the industry. When a true open standard arrives oculus will be on board with everything that implies. (Khronos initiative).

This is a quote from an interview with Jason Rubin , who is the one swiping up these games for the oculus platform. Sit tight, oculus is pushing a ton of money into VR content and we will all be able to buy games in home when it’s time. I dislike hardware exclusivity and most rift owners do. Oculus is trying to make money on software and it’s even more obvious with the recent price cut. There are very valid reasons to not supporting Valves standard.

I only see oculus funding devs to make better games as a good thing long term. There are oculus backed games in both stores.

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Hail OpenVR-Support. and even if there are occulus only games (and there are a lot) you can simulate it with the Vive and some software :smiley:

OrbusVR is going to explode! (in a good way). Everyone who has VR will be playing it! i can’t wait!

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This scares me. I hope this doesn’t happen.

That is one of the most ridiculous things to be afraid of and wouldn’t ever happen.

It won’t happen. Oculus exclusives are due to those games being heavily funded by Oculus. Without Oculus, those games wouldn’t exist. OrbusVR was already fully funded before the KS went live.

I think the exception is Giant Cop. But that game was improved a lot with Oculus funding and is only time exclusive.