Need more storage space

I would pay dram or perk points for additional trunk space or an additional trunk in the player house. I need more places to stuff dragons. I know I can sell them but I don’t need dram. I know I can kill them but I’m not a heartless monster. I know I can give them away but seemingly not faster than I can breed them without having to chase green leafs.


Wait, you’ve managed to fill every single one of the chests in your player house??? :scream: How many dragons is that??

I dont think you can put dragons in all the decoration chests.

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True. 1/2 of page four to nearly the end of page nine in the big chest are breedable dragons. 1/2 of another page are non- breedable pets. My page of Ruperts had to go a while back.

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It’s also nice to have extra free space to organize your items neatly. I’m getting to the point where I’m messily cramming everything into whatever open space is available. I’ve even been using the auction chest to store items by placing materials for sale in there and immediately cancelling them—or just placing them in the empty auction slots and leaving them there.

I’ll happily pay dram/real money for more storage pages… or even a second chest.


Year or two ago, I could have sworn I remember the devs mentioning something about in a future update being able to display dragons or any pets in the player house furniture chests. Maybe it was a fever dream, but either way would be a welcome addition.


Yes! Please!! All my chests are full of harvestable items!
A separate dragon chest would be amazing.

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Huge +1 on this topic, my player chest has been nearly filled to the brim for the past year, been having to find places to cut corners and sell my harvestables. I’d love to see a separate chest just for dragons, but I’d also like to buy more chest pages with perk points.

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