Need replacement arrows

if i decide to re roll my character will my friends be deleted as well? i acidentky deleated some arrows thinking i wouldnt like the ranger class a long time ago so i feel that would be the easiest way to get em back lol

You can get them back without deleting your character. @Riley_D or @Robert should be able to help you out!

yea but isnt the beta over soon anyway? might aswell delete and redo if riley or robert want to give them to me it would be prefered but i dont want to bug themthey so choose to

Everything will wipe on the 8th, yes. You could also create a new character and leave your old one if you’d like. It’s really up to you :smile:

can one of the admins return my arrows to me please?

Sure what is your in game name? Also are you logged out?

Nytrusdeathcyde and i will log out now

Okay should be good to go.

ok thanks now if only i could aim… lol

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