New arrows suggestions for rangers


The new weak spot mechanic sounds great, but in my opinion the ranger needs a larger variety of arrows to make it more interesting. It’s been suggested multiple times since alpha to add a third arrow slot, but even if it would be added right now there’s nothing useful to equip in that slot. So let’s everyone make some suggestion of what arrows they would like to see in reborn, here’s mine:

  • Lifesteal Arrow: An arrow that heals you for a certain amount depending of the damage done, it could be good for pvp and (depending on balance) may open up the possibility of achieving solo kills for the weakest bosses just like warriors, paladins and bards can do.
  • Energy Drain Arrow: It reduces the target’s damage and buffs yours by the same amount for a few seconds
  • Rework the Fire Arrow: Instead of summoning a rain of fire, it burns the ground and everyone in the AoE gets a fire dot. The cooldown still needs to be greatly reduced.

Even if we won’t get a third slot it would still be much appreciated to add some arrows that we can use sometimes to replace the classic piercing/poison build depending on the situation.
I’m curious to see what other suggestions will be made! #RangersUnited


Yes to all of those, great ideas! Here’s a few more…

Bomb arrow, detonates on impact, can be lobbed into the air for greater ground explosion

Blinding arrow

Piercing arrow, actually pierces

Mine arrow, combines with trap

Seeking arrow

And let us combine 2 arrow powers into one shot for something like seeking piercing… I loved doing that in D2


Here’s a few more from me as well:

Frost arrow (puts frost on the ground for a short period that slows enemies)
lightning arrow (chains to nearby enemies 1 at a time for reduced damage)
Heavy arrow ( kicks back target a short distance)

we should also get at least one more slot (preferably 2).


Trap arrow. Same function as the current trap but in arrow form and a much shorter cooldown.