New Backer + Steam Question

Hi everyone!

My name is Aliantha and I am thrilled to be joining the community. I am looking forward to being a part of this world and hoping one day there will be a healer class!

My question: I have downloaded the game and set up SteamVR for my Oculus Rift. I don’t see a way to link my OrbusVR game to my Steam account. Do I need to do this or just have SteamVR running?


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Just having steamVR running (it launches automatically when I start up the launcher) when you launch the game is all you’ll need to do for now. If you’ve got that all set up then you’ll just have to wait until Friday for the next Alpha testing session.

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time and interact with the community more I’d suggest joining the Discord. OrbusVR Community (Unofficial) | Discord Me

Also, if you haven’t yet, I’d be sure to read up on recent dev blog posts and check out the starter guide in the wiki. There’s a ton to learn, but I think we’re getting tutorials in the next test which should definitely help. Plus there are always plenty of people willing to help hanging around Highsteppe.

Edit: Also, welcome! We’re always happy to see new people supporting the game :slight_smile:


Thank you sooo much!

I won’t be much use on Discord, I was born without the ability to speak… may hurt me in game some, will just have to speak with my willingness to help!

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Sorry to hear that. We usually stick to the text channels in Discord though so you’d definitely be able to participate.

Having “presence” is definitely one of the coolest things about VR. You can use the limited form of body language well enough that you don’t always need to speak. I’d definitely suggest joining up on Discord though. It will help you get to know the people playing currently and be able to form a party more easily once game time comes.

Also, in response to your first post, there is a healing class currently. It’s the musketeer. It isn’t your traditional healer since it uses a gun, but it is very effective. Several people have become adept at the class already. I know @SourDeez would be able to provide some tips if you’re interested.

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Awesome thank you so much! Am excited to become a part of it all!

Been playing healers all my life, love the role.

I hadn’t considered this before. Maybe @Riley_D can tell us if there are some plans for text chat to help people with this problem?

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Text chat in VR would probably be unwieldy. I doubt many people fall into this problem (have run into maybe one other person in my life) and would not want valuable resources dedicated to it. Been gaming forever and have learned to adapt, I’m a special snowflake but not an entitled one! Sweet that you would consider my plight, but it’s really not one… it’s all I have ever known so at least for me I’m fully comfortable functioning in a speaking world. No special concessions required! I only mentioned it because of the Discord invite and didn’t want to just blow it off as if I thought it wasn’t worth my time. I totally appreciated it and everyone’s welcoming me to the community.

I’ll be Aliantha in game, so if you see me and know, that’s good enough!


Welcome! I’d also suggest the discord simply for forming parties before logging in (Currently no party finder or friends list) and organizing activities. The community at large is very friendly and helpful so don’t be a stranger!


These guys are spot on! A big part of the community is active on discord and sometimes the devs hop in to talk to everyone. Highly recommend it.


Fair enough, I don’t use the Discord but I’ll give it a try as well.


Yo Aliantha we are glad to have you here. I have another friend in Altspace named Sera who was born without the ability to speak so I completely understand. The musketeer is my favorite class to play and I can give you tips anytime you are in need. Next test let’s meet up and play together. :slight_smile:


Am already loving this community! Will see you all there!


It’s always awesome to see more players! The musketeer class is very fun to play in my opinion, I hope to see you online!

Count on it! I will fill you full of healing holes!

Hopefully they will add some emote’s soon, which might help communication for people like yourself, and for players that just don’t want to talk over voip.

Look me up if you need a crack shot archer sometime, and welcome to the community!

Yeah, I’m sorta wondering if certain physical gestures will become standard expressions like emotes in other games, jumping up and down in minecraft, etc. I’ve seen people wave at each other in orbus from across great distances, shoot fireworks at each other, etc.

Definitely down to group up with you during the playtest if our paths cross, Aliantha!