New Beta Available for Testing

There’s a new version of the game available for testing for those of you on the Steam store. Just right-click on the “OrbusVR” entry in your Steam library, chose the “Properties…” option. Then go to the Betas tab and choose “beta” from the drop-down. If you wish to opt out of the beta at any time, just choose “Opt out” from the drop down.

This build features a major overhaul of our overall system to enable a new chunking-and-loading system for the game. Especially slower computers and those with non-SSD hard drives should see large gains in performance and load times when transitioning between zones. Note that right now you may notice kind of obvious places where the elements “pop in”, we will work on getting that smoothed out but for now we’re just testing to make sure this leads to significant performance improvements before we invest more time into it.

In addition, this new build has full support for the Oculus 2.0 Dash system, so you can pin windows from Oculus Dash in-game if you are on a Rift.

If you get a chance I would appreciate you downloading this version and testing it out to see what kind of performance improvements you see with it. Also please let me know if you encounter any new issues you haven’t had before.



Hey Riley is there a beta version for Oculus store users, or is this limited to Steam only.

Right now it’s only on Steam, but I am working on an Oculus version as well.


I’m unable to open the last door in the mountains in the desert using the latest beta build. (The one with all the doors)

I’ll send a video your way.

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Okay, great, thanks. How are you finding performance? Better? Same?

There doesn’t appear to be any stutter/loads when moving around the map anymore, which is a huge improvement. I also like the fade in / fade out transition between teleports/doors rather than that static stuck image that makes you feel a bit dizzy.

There is certainly pop in with trees and stuff but really it’s minor and overall a huge improvement.

And of course the Dash 2.0 support is icing on the cake.

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Okay, great, glad to hear it. What are the specs on your PC and what graphical setting are you running at? Someone on a 6GB 1060 said they were able to go from Medium to Ultra with the beta build but I think they are crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I’m not a great source of feedback for that. I’m using a Ryzen 7 1700X with a 1080ti so I have always been running on Ultra. That is fantastic news if the optimization has been improved that much though!

I sent the video of the door to you via PM. Thanks!

Wow that is a pretty bold claim. I’ll try out the beta with my 1080 tonight after midnight.

Just played for a short test so far. The zone transitions are much much better.

I played with the new beta. Much faster zone transitions. When logging into a zone like guild city it’ll have a flickering strobe light effect as it flashes to the loading screen and back loading assets.
Low graphics
1070 gfx
Fx8350 cpu
8gb Ram
Windows 10
(I really need the update my pc parts xD)

Yeah guild city is probably still the worst place to be.

Are you able to increase past Low when you’re for example in Highsteppe? Or no?

I never tried haha. My cpu is really really old it bottles necks my system. Low is the only setting that the game runs really smooth. Before this beta each transition took me upwards of 5-10 seconds. Now it’s almost instant.

wow loading times are incredible. Is this progressive distance based loading by prefab?

I agree WOW! I ported from tradua to highstep and it felt instantaneously. I sadly can not run ultra on a 1080 without having re-projection. But the game definitely feels smoother overall and the loading times are WAY better.

I’m looking forward to getting an nvidia 2080 this year to play this game on.


ill help test it out!

I love love LOVE the new load times. 9/10 for sure. 10/10 = no load times :wink: Leaving my guild city house loaded a ton faster, kinda jittery as if someone was blinking a few times really fast, but it was quicker. Pointless lamavora loads are gone now which is a blessing. Thank you Riley!

i7-6700k @ 4.4ghz
32gb ddr4
Samsung pro SSD

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That sounds AWESOME!
Also for oculus please! :pray:

Yeah, I ran this last night and I really like it. I could definitely get a sense of chunk-and-load, but after login I was seeing mobs pop up before I even saw all the trees loading.

I think that this is a vast improvement. I would much rather see this than see the Grand Pause while waiting for stuff to load.

I haven’t played around with it much, only hunting solo near Wenderwood and burning through the level 8 dungeon. But so far, this is a fantastic improvement.