New Blog Post: Alpha Test 2 Preview, Runemage Rework, new XP System, Harvesting System

I will probably move the timeframe around in subsequent tests just to be fair, rather than always starting it at 12 PM CST. But generally, yeah, with a global playerbase it’s always going to work out better for some than others.

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Yeah it’s actually just a pickaxe right now which makes no sense for flowers, haha. That said, we talked about having separate tools for each “type” of resource you can gather, but I’m not sure I want to do that just for practical reasons. Since you can only have two tools equipped at once, and that’s the same place you equip potions, etc, it would be kind of a pain to have to constantly be opening your inventory and moving things around all the time…so it might be that we just make a 3D model that is some sort of pickaxe/rake hybrid and we just go with it? I dunno.


Picksickle? :grin:


not sure if it would be too difficult, but perhaps an item that switches automatically as per thing you harvest, so if you approach flowers the code will change its appearance to a different tool?

I like all these suggestions. To throw one more into the mix, you could do some type of magical harvesting tool, where it effectively drains the essence of the target as it withers (in the case of plants) or quickly cracks and erodes away (in the case of ore, minerals, etc). This may also help with weirdness/discomfort of needing to crouch down when harvesting small/low harvest nodes. This does lose some of the individual item flavor though, if everything is “essence of X”. Maybe the magical tool actually deconstructs the target in a swirling magic mini-vortex and delivers the valuable chunks into your inventory or something.


I like the pick-sickle! Terraria had a bunch of combo-harvesting tools once you reached higher level (though that just meant finding the right resources in that game since it’s like a 2D Minecraft). It was another form of progression to put together the fastest/Swiss-knifiest tool possible. Harvesting more quickly is crucial if you’ll be doing a lot of it.

Why are you running physics calculations on the CPU instead of using a server with a dedicated GPU and using that for it? Fairly sure GPUs deal with them much, much better, even if it needs more time invested

I don’t recall the blog post saying that the server-side physics simulation uses “only” CPU, only that the re-worked one uses “less” CPU, which was a bottleneck previously. No matter what you do you’re going to use some CPU, and obviously the demands are much higher on the CPU since it is used for other things such as processing network packets and running AI logic.

In general I would really avoid jumping to conclusions about the technical nature of the setup based on general blog posts like that, anyway. Their intent isn’t to serve as a technical deep-dive, it’s to update people on what they can generally expect from a practical perspective. Most people know that ‘using less CPU means the server runs faster’, which was the intent of that sentence.


I would call that a Pick-le.