New Blog Post: Alpha Test 2 Preview, Runemage Rework, new XP System, Harvesting System

There’s a new blog post out today which previews the upcoming Alpha test, and includes more information about the new Runemage rework as well as the new XP and Harvesting systems. Check it out when you get a chance:


So much! Awesome blog post, thank you for making it even harder to wait until Friday :weary:


With the level 2+ spells, are the spells currently in the game but the movements aren’t written down anywhere yet (i.e. with enough experimentation you could find them by testing stuff out). Or have the level 2+ spells simply not been enabled yet.

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The mechanics have been finished but the runes are currently disabled.


Oh also as a side note, last test you could party up with yourself (shhh) and xp chain, honestly this is quite nice currently, as it means you can get xp faster if you’re soloing. But I assume this will be disabled in the final version? / Has it already been disabled?

This has actually already been fixed in the new version.

If you’re a solo player though, keep in mind that you will be getting 300% more XP than you were during the last test, so it should go much faster.


Honestly it shouldn’t be such a problem this time. The biggest issue last time was playing at weird hours on the second day as there weren’t many people on, but as it’s just 24 hours this time, I don’t think there will be much of an issue finding a party.

My fishing pole is ready.

I will try to take a cheat sheet for the spells this time, too.

You mentioned runemage skill wI’ll be reset to 1. Are all other classes going to level 1 as well?

No, only Runemage.

Basically when we re-do the other classes (which we’ll be giving similar treatment to over the next few tests) we’ll reset those levels back to 1 as well. But for now they will remain as-is.


Will the spells like fireworks going to be revealed with all the other spells? Or will we have to find them somewhere in the game? I remember you saying something about fireworks being a hidden spell, or was it changed to a base one?

Level one will probably be shown, but the higher levels will be hidden like other spells

Riley, the Fireworks spell is really silly. And I LOVE it. It needs to stay.


Will Ice Lance also combo off of the Musketeer’s ice orb debuff, or is it really Frostbolt specific?

I’ve been wondering if we’d see any cross-class combos; it’s something I wish more MMOs would do. Seems like an inexpensive way to make combat more engrossing and encourage group play, though I can see how they might also make balancing combat difficulty even trickier. :man_with_turban:


All of the base spells (including Fireworks) are going to be revealed. We decided to just make the Level 2+ ones hidden. There may still be other hidden spells eventually as well but we wanted to have a nice sampling of all the different ‘spell types’ (combat, social, utility, etc.) that we are planning to have to give a well-rounded flavor of the class.

Currently they are the same debuff so it would key off of either.


Do the spells stack frost bolt and ice orb on an enemy? Or it only has 1 slow effect for X percentage?

Awesome! Looking forward to the test here, I’m looking forward to trying out the updated Runemage class!

Hi Riley, just wondering is it worth or possible to start a couple of hours earlier and perhaps do a 26/28 hour long test?

It would enable some people around my time frame to get the most out of the opening hype. It would start 6pm for me otherwise and last alpha i hardly got to play fully till the next day when less people were in.

Only suggesting a perhaps 9 or 10am start your time but i completely understand if it cant be done.


I’m by no means a authority on this, but I would imagine that at this timeframe it’s too soon to change the time for this test. Also as it is currently, it works perfectly for me - Not to say I’m more important than you, just that whenever you change a time to suit one person, you’re annoying someone else.

I would also note it will most likely be busy for the entire test this time, as it’s only 24 hours people will play for the period they can rather than some of the time spread out over 2 days.

Cool , can’t wait friday to try this new version !
Harvesting tool , that is cool, i guess it is some sort of placeholder for now , and it will be replaced by other tools like pickaxe for ores or scythe for plants etc…