New class: Berserker

Was thinking, there aren’t many melee classes.

(I’m not going to go in depth in talents and such)

The beserker: dual axe in hands, the beserker would rush into battle. There are two types of beserkers, bear-skins and wolf hides (possible talents?). Using battle-fury to heal

Calling their spirit animal (bear or wolf, chosen by talent) to their side.

Bear - Boost defence when active
Wolf - Boost attack when active

Performing rituals before battle (talants?) Would effect how they would fight.

As berserkers, their defense is low but there attack is high.

Making a dps that actually has to take some damage in exchange for battle fury to charge faster as well as attacking (balancing getting hit and dealing damage) this class would have a faster super charge time.

This class would be a glass cannon x3

I don’t see melee dps and I understand why. But I think it would be fun to go all out crazy in blood rage.

I am open to criticisms x3

would be cool.
back in the old days they were experimenting with a class that had dual wielded axes, but it never got implemented.

I’d like to know If the devs are considering new classes.

Melee DPS isn’t currently considered viable because it would body block the ranged DPS attacks. I know during the Kickstarter campaign a Monk class was considered, but we never saw it through.

Yea, that was a concern.