New class ideas

I was thinking and thought that a defender class would be fun to have. how this class would work is it would have a large shield maybe about the size of the player to use for attack and defense.
The attack would be low but it would use nock back attack and stun attacks with the added bonus of being able to defend players behind them from red box/AOE attacks by absorbing around 1/3 of the damage (it would still take 2/3 of the damage) itself and the others taking 1/2 of the damage thay normally would from it.
Its key stats would lie in its high defense/armor and health stats and having a base stat for the physical deference of around 10 -15.
its super would place a 1 way wall/extra large shield down in front of where its shield is facing. this could even be above them if thay wanted. the 1 way wall would allow people to move through it freely but only fire through it from the defenders side. the 1 way wall would be nearly invulnerable or have a high enough health that it could be useful lasting from 10-15 seconds.
the special feature of the defender would be “ambidextrous shield” allowing you to switch hands mid combat by using the vives grip button or the rifts equivalent, this would improve the flow of attacks and be just a nice feature specific to the defender.
my thought on the armor would be at the start roman but as you progress you get different stiles from different places.
the weapon, its shield could have two vereants per area a semi-rectangular and a circular version.
I would like to see this in the game because it would give a wider range of play stiles to the already good amount. I know the worrier has the large and small shield but it can not attack with them and this would also be a fun addition.

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