New content also pay two times?

hello i bought the game on steam since early access…
now i also bought a quest and its sad that i had to buy the game again in oculus store…
if i would buy a second version( one for steam and one for oculus) have i also to buy the content expansion for 2 stores or is that ingame for my account?
thats would be a reason to dont buy the game again
can you give me an answer to that ?

If its same I account I would assume you don’t need to buy the dlc again but cannot confirm

will this be in game purchase or store addon?

If I can make an assumption, the DLCs will be purchasable in-store - both Oculus store and steam. So it might be tied to what store you buy it from and based on the account it was purchased on. AGAIN, ONLY ASSUMING.

I don’t know if youd to buy the DLC through steam - and it would be able to be used for your Oculus game. If it isn’t, I am sure that will get addressed

I am assuming

The DLC will be purchased through the in-game cash shop, and it will be tied to your OrbusVR account so you’ll only have to purchase it once.


Nice, That is a good way to do it to allow it to reach most of the userbase.

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